A Writer's 21st Century Memoir.

  • Eyes Without A Face

    Eyes Without A Face

    Sometimes I find myself missing literature that I have not and probably will not ever read. I sit in the immaterialized section of reality hidden deep within my conscious to see…

  • Tips for recording interviews for articles

    For The Love Of The Interview

    would also come to fall in love with real journalism and the sitting down for interviews with some fantastic people, and I would continue working as a writer and journalist for…

  • clouds sunset and crops in the country

    Dirty Windshields

    Dirty windshields embodied the time filled with memories where I had moments to look at the dancing parade of magnificent colors painted onto the sky behind the setting sun.

  • Phenomenal People

    I told my fellow phenomenal woman that “what makes us women is what makes us strong, what makes us powerfully enough to care, not only for ourselves but for our loved ones makes…

  • Swirls In My Coffee

    The laws of physics governing the large clusters of cosmological matter beyond our blue skies were governing the cream that I had poured into my cup of coffee right before my…

  • A Place to Rent

    There was never the right combination of cheap and sane that existed in a place until I found the veggie co-op—or so I thought.

    Photo of a pile of moving boxes

    Sonya Moves In

    It’s been about a month since I moved into this apartment with my new roommate. I believe my roommate was really nervous at first, but she seems to be transitioning well.


    Bloody Paw Prints

    There were bloody paw prints on the cold tiled floor of the emergency pet hospital. I stared at them with my heart beating for the animal who was being treated behind closed doors.

    The Last Time In The Countryside

    The Last Time

    I looked around at the town that had evolved and changed, I realized that the mild feeling of loss wasn’t about the last time I would be in town at all. It was the anticipation of missing my best friend.

    Dealing with Death

    Dealing With Death

    Every last leaf on the branches of trees in the late stages of autumn falls differently. Without the death of these leaves, there would be no transition from summer to winter.