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  • Me at the Grand Canyon

    Nature And The Outdoors

    Category: Nature And The Outdoors | My wild heart belongs to mother nature.

  • Jazzed About Nature Podcast

    Jazzed About Nature is the Podcast where I talk about all things related to nature and the environment.

  • Flagstaff Arizona to Los Angeles, CA


    Category: Travel | Follow me as I travel the world.

  • college books

    Creative Writing

    Category: Creative Writing | All writing is creative. A writer puts their imagination into everything that they do.

    Episode 3 | Does Eating Less Meat Really Help The Environment?

    There are so many people choosing more plant-based options in this new age of revitalized environmentalism. More people are caring about what they put into their bodies and where that food comes from. But is going vegan really saving the planet?

    #OctPoWriMo: Oct 24 – 31

    He asked me what I would say to God if I could have any question answered,
    And I said that I would have little to say.
    If I had to go on living after the question I would endure the rest of a life substandard.

    #OctPoWriMo | Oct 18 – 23

    There we were still existing in a pause between breaths that attempted to move life forward. Our mouths were wide with smiles and our eyes frozen never seeing the day we grew apart.

    Jazzed About Nature Podcast | Episode 2: Black Girls Trekkin

    I decided to sit down and chat with the founders of Black Girls Trekkin about diversity in outdoor communities and how they started their group.

    #OctPoWriMo | Oct 12 – 17

    I am one part of the whole of the entire universe, And I gaze up into myself and watch myself gaze back at me.

    Jazzed About Nature Podcast | Episode 1: Is Recycling A Scam?

    Where do your items go when you toss them into a recycling bin? Does Recycling actually help save the planet, or is it all a scam? These were questions I heard many of my friends ask. Questions that I would get answers to by phoning a friend.

    #OctPoWriMo | Oct 5 – 11

    My second installment of poems for OctPoWriMo 2019.

    Jazzed About Nature Intro

    This is the introduction to the Jazzed About Nature Podcast. Who is Jasmine Lowe? Why is she doing this podcast, and what can we expect from the show? You’ll have to continue listening to find out.

    OctPoWriMo | Oct 1st – Oct 4th

    I’m participating in the month-long poetry writing challenge. Here’s what I have for the first week. #OctPoWriMo | Oct 1st – Oct 4th

    Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge: Cucamonga Peak

    We ended up taking the Ice House trail to the 8,859-foot summit and hiked nearly 12 miles there and back.

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