A Writer's 21st Century Memoir.


    The Last Time I Stayed In A Hostel

    The best thing about traveling and staying in hostels is meeting interesting people. This is also the worst thing, but it’s not so bad when you…

    What Is The Greatest Issue Facing Humankind?

    Think about what happens after you throw something away or even say “hello” to someone. The implications of what’s to follow are what you keep in mind before you act. Use that way of thinking as your guide.

    The Importance of Communication In Different Spaces

    Sometimes, I’ll get questions about whether people who identify as men can join the hikes that I lead for the Los Angeles chapter of the women’s group, Hiker Babes and I have to pause for a moment.

    That One Time I Actually Could Have Died Because Of My Opinions

    I bought an expensive pack of tissues with acid-trip-looking cartoons on them and a packet of cough drops that made my mouth smell like what I assume the Fizzy Lifting drinks’ room in Willy Wonky’s OSHA-nightmare of a factory smells like.

    How I Nearly Caught My Death On The Gulf Coast

    I’ve been sick for a week since visiting the Gulf of Mexico, but it was totally worth the other experiences I gained from the trip.

    Episode 7 | Who Cares About Environmentalism

    Who actually cares about environmentalism and, for those who do, how can encourage environmental activism?

    No Resolutions

    Every year millions of people all around the world think deeply about the goals that they want to accomplish and the dreams that they want to reach. I have done this every year as well, that is, until this year.

    Life Lessons From The Snowy Desert

    It’s been eleven years since the first and latest time I had to bypass the grapevine heading south to avoid a snowstorm.

    Dealing with My Deadly Friday the 13th Curse

    I only ever did this crossing-guard duty on two occasions. The first time went completely fine without a problem. The second time involved the changing of local legislation, the cops, crying students, and Friday the 13th.

    Episode 6 | How The VSCO Girl Might Be Actually Saving The Planet

    Is the scrunchie-wearing, hydro flask-carrying VSCO girl and her no-fuss makeup routine actually saving the planet?

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