The Misogynistic PETA

Why PETA? Why do you always do this to the veg*n community.

For all of you non vegetarians and vegans out there, veg*n is a term used to describe both vegetarian and vegan people when you’re addressing them at the same time.

But besides all that, have you seen what the organization, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), has done lately? These dimwits have done it again with another controversial ad that has done nothing but thrown women under the bus again.

I could half tolerate the raunchy sex ads that could kinda sort of be portrayed as a generalized sexual empowerment of vegetarians, but this—this—cannot fit in that category.

The girl is limping around in a damn neck brace.

I’ve been discussing with a lot of people lately about the mistreatment of women and the fact that women are still not treated as equal to their male counterparts. We don’t get paid the same amount as men, we don’t get treated the same as men, people always blame the female victim and let the male women-basher free to do whatever he pleases after he nearly beats a girl to death in a God damn car that she was trying to escape.

There is already a deeply rooted social stigma that brainwashes everyone into thinking that women are just some sex object that they can just use and the beat the crap out of like a used tissue when they are through.

I think it’s worse that an organization that I used to support way back then changed its goals from trying to fight for the rights of animals to being some trashy news spectacle out for controversial attention that just drags women further down the f#cking ladder.

Jesus PETA. I already have enough to worry about as a Black female, but any gain we made as veg*ns today are always getting pushed aside because of PETA. This “organization” has done more harm than good for both women and vegetarians and I wish they would just screw over some other group of individuals and leave us out of it. I don’t want to be associated with things like this PETA—so knock it off and go back to the way you were in the beginning when it was about the animals.

5 thoughts on “The Misogynistic PETA

  1. PETA people are complete psychos and really don’t know what they are talking about, I totally think it’s the whole attention thing because they take and simple act like shearing sheep and milking cows and make it into this whole big story about how it’s hurting the animals, and fyi sheep need to be sheared in the summer and cows need to be milked or else they will get sick and die, and no those machines do not hurt them, if anything it’s like a massage for their utters. Anyhow, getting off topic, they are just extremists that will complain about anything and everything, they can go to hell, and that video was completely offensive and just wrong!


    1. Sorry, but what ‘utter’ nonsense Jena. Only certain sheep have been bred to have very thick wool, they’re often kept in countries unsuitably hot for them, whilst many die from being shorn too early and freezing to death. Similarly, cows naturally produce just enough milk for their calf, only when they’ve been specially bred as dairy cattle, pumped full of hormones, artificially inseminated every 9 months, and had their baby calves taken away and killed (or ‘turned into’ veal, before reaching 6 months old) do they produce too much milk (often leading to lameness and mastitis). Big Bertha, the world’s oldest cow, reached the age of 49, most dairy cows are lucky to last a few years before they’re killed, often with an unborn calf still inside them, which is left to die. All this information is out there, unhidden, you just need to open your eyes and your heart.


      1. I’ve been personally involved in the ag industry all my life and around here anyways, sheep are sheared during the summer so that they have a thick coat by winter and that is completely false about the dairy industry, except for the artificial insemination in some areas, however most dairymen own their own bulls and the heifers are bred naturally and most people like milk, cheese, ice cream, etc and I guess they expect it to magically appear in front of them because they have no idea where it comes from, but there are these people called farmers working 15 hours a day, most times more so that the world can receive their goods that they will naturally take for granted. Dairy cows however are not killed for their meat, that would be beef cattle, dairy cows usually live a good amount of years before they grow old and die. Heifers are not usually inserted with hormones, and they’re calves are taken to a calf ranch where they will be cared for until they are ready to be returned to the dairies from which they were born (usually a couple months). As for that inborn calf still being inside the cow when it is killed.. well that’s probably some made up slaughterhouse story made up by some extreme animal rights activist who had nothing better to do in there spare time. So unless you actually see it for yourself and live it, there’s a lot of crap floating around out there and you can’t always believe it, I’ve seen my share of right and wrong and I know what is necessary in a functioning industry and I know what is ridiculous. I think you should get your shoes a little dirty instead of reading articles by people who never have experienced the real thing and what truly happens.


  2. I feel as though time progresses the exploitation of women increases. This is absolutely appalling. I AM AN INTELLECTUAL INDIVIDUAL FULLY CAPABLE TO ACHIEVING ANY SOCIETAL GOAL THAT ANY MAN CAN ACHIEVE! I am not object working to serve the opposite gender in whatever they please. I am unequally represented in the work force and in government. PETA you are contributing to the thoughts in society that limits gender equality. I wonder if you have women in your office who are being paid equally to their male counterparts. Do women sit on your board of directors? If the answer is yes to either of these, what type of women are they to allow their own exploitation? You want rights for animals right PETA? So do I… but I would more so love to see the day where women have the same rights as men.


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