Poster Child by Daren Vongirdner ft. Meghan Tonjes

Grab a copy of “Make Them Work” by Daren Vongirdner here

I can dig this. I always like to do a shout out for people I actually know, especially if I like their style. Check out Darren , singer Meghan Tonjes, and a bunch of other people I met during that  weird and very random summer that I was interning for the YouTubes and a celebrity magazine. Craziness.

Anywho, Daren and Cameron Mackey have started bi-weekly Youtube challenges where they create a song in 3 hours, so you should check that out on his YouTube channel as well. Those songs are also available to download for free on Soundcloud. Be sure to download “Gas Station Beanies” for free and enjoy this very fun music video directed by Matthew Boman.


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