Low Light by War Drum

Purchase “Low Light” here.

“From the sun-dripped hills of the Southern California deserts comes War Drum, a self described psychedelic rock group. Heavy instrumentation, surf meets desert, and colorful melodies ties the bands sound together, fusing the old desert rock with new spirits.

Following their freshman album, At Old Trails, the band has released a second full length, titled “Fortune Finder” which they spent March – April of 2013 pushing overseas throughout Europe,” (Facebook Page).

Low Light is definitely something I groove to. This psychedelic sound takes me back to a time where love was free and drugs were rampant, and it’s amazing. This unsigned rock group is made up of Jack Kohler, Ehren Groban, Peter Leighton and Robert Owen from Palm Springs, California.

Check out the group and listen to some of their other songs off of SoundCloud.


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