Shenandoah Davis and Anthonie Tonnon

shenandoah davis and Anthonie TonninI stumbled on to Shenandoah Davis and Anthonie Tonnon at the local coffee shop here in Fullerton. The duo displayed their beautiful voices at The Night Owl during the Fullerton Downtown Art Walk as part of The Night Owl’s Fall Concert Series which highlights talented local artists every Friday and Saturday night.

Davis draws her inspiration on the piano from Chopin and Debussy alongside the chanteuses of the 1930s and more eclectic modern acts such as Antony & The Johnsons, Owen Pallett, and Van Dyke Parks. Her amazing voice and skill on the piano has been branded everything from parlour music to new folk to orchestral pop and she continues to wow every audience she performs in front of.

Tonnon  is a songwriter and performer based in Auckland, New Zealand. He performs solo as well as with a four piece band. Although the themes of his music revolve around the classic pop talk about girlfriends and such, he does so in an incredibly crafty way that tends to mix in a range of musical styles and narrative lyrics.

Davis and Tonnin are currently touring the US until the end of October, as far as I know. But what I know for sure is that the two artists coming together just makes absolutely beautiful music perfect for a night out on the town while sipping coffee and looking at art.

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