As Far As I Can See by Phantogram

Get the song, As Far As I Can See by Phantogram, here!

Phantogram is, whose name was originally Charlie Everywhere, is a electronic rock duo from Saratoga Springs, New York that formed in 2007.  Josh Carter ( vocals, guitars) and Sarah Barthel (vocals, keyboards) make up the sounds, what many have described as “street beat, psych pop,”

The duo write and record in a remote barn in upstate New York called Harmony Lodge. The band name was partially inspired by an optical illusion called a phantogram, in which two-dimensional images appear to be three-dimensional.

The band released a studio album (Eyelid Movies in 2009), four EPs (Phantogram and Running From the Cops in 2009, Nightlife in 2011, Phantogram in 2013) and five singles.

Check out their song, As Far As I Can See, below.


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