October by Broken Bells

Get the song, “October,” by Broken Bells here.

Broken Bells is an indie rock band composed of artist-producer Brian Burton (Danger Mouse) and James Mercer, the lead vocalist and guitarist for the band The Shins (another one of my favorite bands). Broken Bells compose and create as a duo, but are joined by a full band on tour. The live band included Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band sidemen Nate Walcott and Nik Freitas, and Jonathan Hischke and Dan Elkan, both ex-members of Hella.

October” by Broken Bells takes its listeners on a melodic indie rock wave of piano and lyrics that tell a story about young love. It’s another one of those songs that I add to my cruising list and calmly drive with it playing softly in the background.

Give it a listen below.


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