Lovers In The Parking Lot by Solange

Grab a copy of Solange’s song, Lovers in the Parking Lot, here.

Hands down, Solange is my favorite Knowles sister. I love her style and versatile sound. In her first solo album, Solo Star (2001), Solange’s style had more of a pop flare.  Her style in her second album, Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams (2008), was influenced by Motown girl groups with a uniquely Solange twist, and she followed this up in her extended play album, True (2012), which had a 1980s pop/R&B feel. Solange intends to release her third album on her own label Saint Records.

Check out her song, Lovers In the Parking Lot, below.

And listen to my other favorite song, Losing You ,from her right now too.


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