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Tidal Tendencies by Hawk House FKA A Yellow Man

Hawk HouseIt took me a few minutes to realize the other day that the band I was digging din’t fall off the face of the earth, but changed their name from A Yellow Man to Hawk House. The London-based trip-hop and soul trio is made up of MCs in Sam and Eman, and vocalist Demae.

I had fallen in love with the group when I first heard the song, “3000 Miles Of Youth,” over a year ago before the name switch, and have been eagerly awaiting more music from them ever since. After months of waiting, I finally was able to get my hands on their mixtape, A Little More Elbow Room, and hear the song, “Tidal Tendencies,” after searching the Internet under the wrong band name. However, here it is for you to enjoy.

Download their album, A Little More Elbow Room, here.

hawk-house-a-little-more-elbow-room“A Little More Elbow Room” track list
1. Quantum Foam
2. Live-ation
3. Round We Go
4. Aureolin (Interlude 1)
5. Pause
6. Tidal Tendencies
7. Plum (Interlude 2)
8. Laid Back
9. Save It For Another Day
10. It’s Everyday
11. Turqoise (Interlude 3)
12. Quark

Take a second to listen to 3000 Miles Of Youth by Hawk House when they were called A Yellow Man.

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