Cool Runnings by Tashaki Miyaki

Get “Cool Runnings” by Tashaki Miyaki here.

 The 2014 Jamaican Bobsled Team had a song called, The Bobsled Song, written by Sidney Mills from the reggae band Steel Pulse, Jon Notar and Groove Guild that had a music video featuring 8-bit graphics and was timed to sync up to the team’s Sochi bobsled run as an Olympics song. However, whenever I think of the Jamaican Bobsled Team, I think of the 1993 movie, Cool Runnings, with John CandyLeon and Doug E. Doug as any other 90’s kid should. So when the California trio, Tashaki Miyaki, came out with a song of the same name, it became hard to get out of my head.

The Los Angeles group was born of an impromptu late-night jam session, which led to an impromptu recording session, which led to an impromptu band.  Tashaki Miyaki ended up putting out a few EPs reminiscent of the soft sounds of the 1960’s. Their first album was released February 25 of this year.


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