Drunk Sluts Forever by Liam Gowing

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To be completely honest, when I first heard the title of this album I initially wanted to stray away from it in fear that it might be something that it’s actually not. Ironically, I had done what so many other DJs had done when hearing Liam Gowing‘s title, Drunk Sluts Forever. However, after I read the press release for the album, I changed my tune about the whole thing.

So for the record, I named the album after the spirit of licentious experimentation captured in a song, which was inspired by a daring female who designed a t-shirt with a naughty slogan I used as a metaphor for America—for all of us in the decadent West. If there’s any exhortative philosophy behind it, it’s simply to laugh at one’s misfortunes, to embrace absurdities and to try to keep things loosey-goosey.

I didn’t intend a literal connection to inebriation or promiscuity and the idea that it might by viewed as misogynistic—as if men can’t be sluts—is anathema to me. Obviously, I knew the title could be misinterpreted if taken at face value. I figured that as soon as one listened to the record, one would understand it was no “Girls Gone Wild” soundtrack and at the very least assume that the name was being employed ironically or facetiously. But having heard from Rich Michalowski at Total Recluse radio promotion that several DJs have refused to play not just the title track but any track off the album—effectively banning me from their corner of the airwaves—simply because of the album’s name is upsetting. –Liam Gowing in a press release

It took me a while, the album was released Nov. 5, 2013, but after listening to the entirety of the album on Soundcloud I had to buy it for myself. The album’s sound is reminiscent of the The Beatles, and the hauntingly upbeat songs that cover more serious topics such as death, addiction, suicide and betrayal like in the song So Long (Pine Box), sort of remind of The Beatles‘ song, A Day In The Life.” 

There is a wide range of instruments from the usual guitar, bass and drums to castanets, shakers and even an organ, (with the help of a MIDI keyboard). All of the songs, instruments and vocals were done on the album by Gowing,  and Ali Sagheb, on bass, Eric Allgood, of the BellRays on drums, and “the Lady Larynxes, ” Audrey Tess Casey and Michelle Anne Johnson, who sing backup vocals, all make up the band, put together by Bill O’Neil, called Family Jewels, who help perform. 

The 10-track album is available for download on iTunes or GooglePlay, and you can order CDs or download the album at CD Baby or Amazon. Streaming for preview is available at Spotify, Rdio or Soundcloud which I definitely advise you to take advantage of.


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