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Hip Hop Philosophy by Parallax

I cringed when I heard the comment come out of her mouth, “hip hop is full of terrible lyrics talking about booty shaking, violence, sexism, and drugs. It’s all about the beat and a catchy ignorant catch phrase.” My friend was convinced that all hip hop was negative, but from what she hears in the mainstream music scene on the radio and blasting in every club, it’s easy to understand why she assumes that about the genre. That’s why I like sharing hip hop artists like Parallax on the blog.

The London based rapper and producer is focuses on elevating his boom bap sound through powerful lyrical content and hard hitting beats. You can definitely hear the 90’s hip hop influence in Parallax‘s music. The beats have that easy old school-like flow that you can cruse to, but the lyrics are what grab your attention. The song, “Hip Hop Philosophy,” talks about the subject matter in mainstream hip hop, “rappers posin’ and posterin’, throwin’ money at the camera, mad women aroun ’em dancin,'” and how he believes hip hop should be by pretty much saying, ‘F’ that by attempting to bring it back to the days when it was speaking about real life, and relevant factual things.

So far Parallax has received credit from artists such as Raekwon, Afu ra, La coka nostra and Lewis Parker.
He has performed in the UK supporting artists such as Rodney P & Skitz, Skinnyman, Split Prophets, M9, and Genesis Elijah. 

“Hip Hop Philosophy” is the 1st visual off his upcoming debut E.P “Depth Perception.” Watch the video down below and check out more of his music on Soundcloud.

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