Some Go Haunting

Check out “Some Go Haunting’s” self titled EP here.

Last weekend I was in Downtown LA visiting a friend when we decided to look around inside of The Last Bookstore. It’s located on 453 S Spring Street in Los Angeles they buy, trade, and sell used & new books, LPs, DVDs, and CDs. They also regularly host readings, concerts, plays, and even film screenings. The bookstore started out, by owner Josh Spencer, in 2005 in a downtown Los Angeles loft, and many people continue to visit the famed bookstore today to buy, sell and trade art, music and literature.

It was on this particular weekend where my friend and I heard an amazing voice, accompanied by this great band on the second story of the building, and before we left for the day, we met up with the lead singer, Aria Pullman.

Aria Pullman, who does vocals, guitar, and keys for the band, Some Go Haunting, with Jason Rivera, who rocks out on guitar, keys, drums, programming and vocals, chatted with us for second about the music the band normally plays. The LA based band “bonded together through their love of independent free-spirited rock and roll.” They have a self-titled EP out which has tracks that consist of a variety of sounds from fast rock, danceable beats, catchy vocals and epic ballads from danceable Pop with catchy vocals to fast Rock with epic ballads.


Check out their song, Voice Memos.


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