Runaway Train by Inna Pivars and the Tsoys

Get the album, The Haze of Memories, here.

The song, Runaway Train, by the psychedelic-pop/garage revival band, Inna Pivars and the Tsoys, is a refreshing song to wake up to. The female-fronted band was formed in February 2011 in Moscow, Russia and consists of musicians of different nationalities from Latvia, Russian and the Ukrainian. The bands lead singer, Inna Pivars, is actually a cinema and theatre actress and a former co-star of legendary Russian Musical Juno and Avos at the Lenkom Theatre.

The lyrics of the band’s songs are written and performed in both English and Russian. Inna Pivars and the Tsoys recorded two albums, The Haze Of Memories LP (2011), which is being released on well-known Russian label Soyuz, and The Girl On A Paper Boat EP, February 2013, which is recorded but has yet to be released.


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