True that we shouldn’t click on the photos. I agree with you there.

I don’t want to participate in that theft crime or contribute to Lawrence’s negative experience, and clicking on those photos would make me a participant in the crime.

Is it fair to liken photo theft with rape though? Sure, the content of these photos may be embarrassing for Lawrence. But rape is a traumatic, life-changing event that affects the victim’s psychological health for life. I’m pretty sure that strangers seeing your naked photos can be no worse than humiliating. It’s the kind of thing you get over. Rape is not.

Also photos are photos. How individuals use the photo is separate from its content.

For example, when pedophiles use wholesome family photos for sexual gratification, we don’t call the parent who took those photos pornographers. We blame the perverts, as we should.

Thanks for this post. It really got me thinking.