Heartbreakfree by Ji Nilsson

Get Heartbreakfree by Ji Nilsson here

Ji Nilsson is a singer and songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden. Nilsson’s soulful pop voice fits perfectly with the tropical undertones in Keljet‘s remix of her song “Heartbreakfree.”

Her latest song, “I’m Her,” was released on March 5, 2014 and she can be found singing with artist, Marlene, in the song, “Love You Anyway.” Nilsson definitely has an amazing voice, and I can’t wait to here more from this artist.

Go ahead an listen to Keljet’s remix of the song, “Heartbreakfree,” below.


Watch the video for the original “Heartbreakfree” song here. 


One thought on “Heartbreakfree by Ji Nilsson

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Usually these pop-sounding songs without a beat drop feel monotonous to me (maybe I’ve lost touch with music these days). But there’s something interesting here. The contrast in the upbeat music with something maybe mournful in her voice. And that pouty look on her face in the first pic you posted here. It’s working for her. And for me too 🙂

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