Keep On Shining by Curtis Harding

Grab the album, “Soul Power,” and the song, “Keep on Shining,” by Curtis Harding here.

No, the video below isn’t from the 70’s, but the soulful melodies from Curtis Harding‘s song, “Keep On Shining” from his album, “Soul Power,” sounds like it. I’m definitely diggin’ the upbeat tunes from Harding, who actually spent time in a Georgia rap group Proseed, has worked as a backup singer for Cee Lo Green,  and currently plays in Black Lips guitarist Cole Alexander’s quirky Night Sun.

Harding says that he is a fan of Curtis Mayfield, TV on the Radio, and Redding and Shuggie Otis, and you can hear a lot of that influence in his work. The “slop ‘n’ soul” sound found on his album, as he calls it, blends rock and soul together perfectly, and only makes me want to hear more from the artist.


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