• I realized through exploring historical literature from people from all walks of life that there are so many sides to a story. None of them are completely right because each account is told with an inherent bias. No one news source can give you the full picture, and no one person can tell you what […]
  • After 23 years of memories and conversations I decided to end a very one-sided friendship.
  • Something changes in you when you lose a loved one out of the blue so suddenly. You can’t be there to say goodbye. Say Something while people are alive.
  • Fear is just a lack of knowledge. The second you understand something is the second you stop fearing it. Through understanding, you find room to grow and begin to share love and kindness.
  • I’m an introvert, but I love working and collaborating with smart groups of people. You end up creating better things by building off of everyone’s ideas. You end up becoming an idea factory. However, when you are working from home in quarantine during an ongoing global pandemic, to make this amazing experience work, you end […]
  • The Hubble Space Telescope, which was launched by NASA on April 24, 1990, me, and the majority of my friends are turning 30 years old this year. We’re saying good bye to our 20s, certain ways of life before the pandemic, and looking with great uncertainty at our 30s.
  • Sometime during the air of mystery that sparks ghost stories in late nights or early mornings, you’ll see me scribbling and hiding my pen and paper like Winston Smith of Oceania in 1984. It’s not for fear of Big Brother, but rather habit from having my little sister bust into my room like the terrifying […]
  • You don’t have to feel stuck in a downward slump. Allowing yourself to have time to play games can actually help you get things done.
  • The Harlem Renaissance was a time spanning the 1920s when Black Americans of Harlem, New York City created Jazz, produced some of my favorite paintings, new styles of dance, the most cherished pieces of literature, theatre, and so much more. COVID, although happening in a much different time and state of existence, could possibly inspire […]
  • The very first job I ever had was something I built for myself back in elementary school. I confess that It’s not something I can ever put on my resume. In fact, I was actually threatened with arrest at one point during the height of my business success.