A Writer's 21st Century Memoir.


  • The best thing about traveling and staying in hostels is meeting interesting people. This is also the worst thing, but it’s not so bad when you…
  • I’ve been sick for a week since visiting the Gulf of Mexico, but it was totally worth the other experiences I gained from the trip.
  • It’s been eleven years since the first and latest time I had to bypass the grapevine heading south to avoid a snowstorm.
  • We’re clearly out there. The mountains are also a melting pot of a variety of different people hiking native lands, and yet we are only now barely seeing these faces in popular media.
  • My best friend and I found ourselves, once again, traveling by car across the country. I didn’t need to, but I jumped in the car to spend the last few days that I will have for a while with my best friend.
  • We had prepared, but we begrudgingly anticipated the lingering feeling of sore muscles days after leaving the face of Mount Wilson, the first in our Six Pack of Peaks Challenge.
  • Although I’m happy to see people getting outside and connecting with nature, I would like to see more education on stewardship of the land.
  • As I looked down at the new shoes on my feet, I let my mind wander to think of the past ten years out on the…
  • Two thousand and two miles and seven states in twenty-nine hours. My sister and I drove that distance in a small Hyundai Sonata from Tennessee to California. We celebrated as he passed state lines, posed in front of state signs, and nearly killed each other in the last eight hours before we made it to […]
  • There’s an abandoned house tired with cracks that reveal its age. It is wearing thin of its drywall, and the structure seems to degrade and crumble…
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