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The Fourth Roommate

Learn By Doing: Graduating Into “The Real World”

Why Your Friends And Family Are Just An Extension Of Yourself

Ancient Ruins And Leaving Your Mark In The World

Math and the Patriarchy

The Brunch And The Broken Bet With Jesus

The Intent for Lent

The Writer and the Reader

A Philosophy of Kindness

A Car Named Susan

The Hills of Mecca

New Year’s Resolutions: 2015

Stormageddon and Rainy Days

Why You Really Shouldn’t Click on Jennifer Lawrence’s Nude Photo

The Thing About Social Activism

What Brings Us Together

Living As A Light

Go Get Lost

EuroTrip Recap #StudyAbroad

But We’re In Paris #StudyAbroad

When In Rome #StudyAbroad

Adventuras en Espana #StudyAbroad

While Studying Abroad: Benvenuti in Italia

The Greatest Story Never Told

Without Warning

To The Grave

The 95

Writing Prompt: A Mind of its Own

‘Tis the Season of Finals

Cut Down But Not Completely Out


Red Wine

Writing Prompt: The Ripples Left Behind

Death Over Coffee

The Deadly Secret

To Lose Everything

Vanishing Point

What I Learned From Bill Nye

To Assume Is To Make An A** Out of You And Me

Connecting Through Words

Thoughts About Beauty

The Classroom Call

Things I Have Learned From Blogging

Haunted Trails: Part 3 of 3

How To Turn Water Into Words

Haunted Trails: Part 2 of 3

Haunted Trails: Part 1 of 3

Everything You Know Is a Lie

Remembering My Cousin

If You Felt No Pain and Were Indestructible

How to Write a Novel

Living in the Present

Church in Nature

My New Year’s Resolution

Knowing When to Quit

Why Christmas is My Favorite Holiday


A New Way of Thinking

“Z” is for Zeal

Y is for Yin and Yang

“W” is for The Words

“V” is for Vitality: Remembering JFK

“U” is for Uplift

If “T” is for Talk Then “L” is for Listen

“S” is for Song

“R” is for Remembering

“Q” is for Quiet

“P” is for Progresso (The Story of the First)

“O” is for Oppression

“N” is for Night

“M” is for Maladroit

“L” is for Life

“J” is for Journal

“G” is for Gray

“F” is for Fire

“E” is for Encouragement

“D” is for Distance

“C” is for Coffee

“B” is for Blogging

“A” is for Application

How to Travel Without Leaving Your Home

Going Into the Wild

Traveling Back to My Hometown

The Life behind the Story

Quick Tips On Traveling Abroad

The Top Five Staycation Ideas

God is a Writer

Stories With Natasha- The Last of the Homeless Dreams

Why You Should Check Out Miss Millennia Magazine

Stories With Natasha: Homeless Dreams- Part 7

Stories With Natasha: Homeless Dreams- Part 6

Carpe Diem

Stories With Natasha- Homeless Dreams Part 5

Stories With Natasha: Homeless Dreams- Part 4

The Mean and Opinionated Writer

Stories With Natasha- Homeless Dreams Part 3

A Long Week

Stories with Natasha- Homeless Dreams Part 2

Writing Through Writer’s Block

College: Take It with You When You Go

Stories with Natasha: Homeless Dreams- Part 1

Times Are Changing

An Exchange of Power: A Letter from the Former Editor

The Reward of Giving Back

Stories with Natasha: The Ugly Girls

The Story of Graduation

Stories with Natasha: How to Ruin A Friendship

Living with a Vampire: Part 3- The Bed

Living with a Vampire: Part 2- The Party

Living with a Vampire: Part 1- Moving In

New Year Miracle

Death, Rebirth and the Dixie Chicks

Death on a Roller Coaster

Why I Choose To Write

Are You Ready?

Writing: the Gateway Drug

Life’s Lemons

A Youthful Voice

Phenomenal People

Swirls In My Coffee

A Wallflower in the Mulch

Thoughts About A Box

The Bed

The Shifts and Changes of Thoughts

Home Alone In My Chair

Nature, Technology, and Paradise

Novel Excerpts

Don’t Save the Cheater

Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

“I Can’t Stay Present” A Poem About A Wandering Dream

Just Be Stevie Nicks

A Labyrinth of Weathered Book Pages

Writing Autobiography: Word Vomit

Killer in the Kitchen

Epic Procrastination

A Place to Rent

How I Write: My Evolution of Writing

Left With Everything

Like Bright Scratches of Paint

In a Flash before My Eyes

Simple Song by The Shins

The Bechdel Test

Why I Hate Religion

Why I Am Contractually Obligated To Finish Writing a Novel

A Documented Case of Macaroni

Cats and Cocaine

Time to Change

Whiny Worries

The Ghost Hunting Roommates

Filthy Thoughts of Knowledge

Turn on the Light

As A Passerby

Writer’s Block

“There Once Was A Girl”

A Story of Two Hearts

Chained to a Task Worth Telling

The Beast With The Red Eyes

Frozen In Time

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2

A Summer Morning

A Recipe for a Writer

EnCOMpassing My Life

Jonny Depp and Jack Kerouac. Genius.

Tape Recorder Stories: “Home Alone”

Moving Pictures

Finding Your Voice



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