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No Resolutions

Every year millions of people all around the world think deeply about the goals that they want to accomplish and the dreams that they want to reach. I have done this every year as well, that is, until this year.

Life Lessons From The Snowy Desert

It’s been eleven years since the first and latest time I had to bypass the grapevine heading south to avoid a snowstorm.

Dealing with My Deadly Friday the 13th Curse

I only ever did this crossing-guard duty on two occasions. The first time went completely fine without a problem. The second time involved the changing of local legislation, the cops, crying students, and Friday the 13th.

How To Properly Travel To The Future

You will without a doubt change. Everything does but, what you can do is…

Me at the Grand Canyon

Nature And The Outdoors

My wild heart belongs to mother nature.

Jazzed About Nature Podcast

Jazzed About Nature is the Podcast where I talk about all things related to nature and the environment.

Flagstaff Arizona to Los Angeles, CA


Follow me as I travel the world.

college books

Creative Writing

All writing is creative. A writer puts their imagination into everything that they do.

Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge: Cucamonga Peak

We ended up taking the Ice House trail to the 8,859-foot summit and hiked nearly 12 miles there and back.

The Wedding(s)

I attended two weddings in the past year, and I was the maid of honor at both of them. I planned two bachelorette parties—one that never happened and the other where I sustained head trauma and ended up in the ER.

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