A Writer's 21st Century Memoir.

coffee being poured into and spilling over a dark cup

The End of Coffee

I recently gave up coffee for good. It never crossed my mind to think about removing coffee permanently from my life.

Photo of a pile of moving boxes

Sonya Moves In

It’s been about a month since I moved into this apartment with my new roommate. I believe my roommate was really nervous at first, but she seems to be transitioning well.

Me at the Grand Canyon

The Road Trip From California to Texas

My best friend and I found ourselves, once again, traveling by car across the country. I didn’t need to, but I jumped in the car to spend the last few days that I will have for a while with my best friend.

Jasmine D. Lowe

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

I have told the truth about myself, but I have not openly shared everything. Allow me to reintroduce myself.

The Bachelor Franchise gets Its Final Rose

How The Bachelor Franchise United My Friends

Monday nights became a time for gathering friends together with bottles of wine. The Bachelor franchise became a rallying force for friendship. For years, dinner was made and shared, friends laughed, and we all bonded over the drama that unfolded on the screen.


Bloody Paw Prints

There were bloody paw prints on the cold tiled floor of the emergency pet hospital. I stared at them with my heart beating for the animal who was being treated behind closed doors.


How Fear Can Make Or Break You

There’s a feeling you get when you are home alone in the middle of the night. A dash of panic and you try your best to remind yourself to breathe.

The Last Time In The Countryside

The Last Time

I looked around at the town that had evolved and changed, I realized that the mild feeling of loss wasn’t about the last time I would be in town at all. It was the anticipation of missing my best friend.

Dealing with Death

Dealing With Death

Every last leaf on the branches of trees in the late stages of autumn falls differently. Without the death of these leaves, there would be no transition from summer to winter.

mother's day

Who Was The Mother’s Day Stalker?

On Mother’s Day I would travel to Bakersfield to visit my mom and grandma, and I would always receive something from my stalker.

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