A Wallflower in the Mulch

I had spent the whole day filling out grad school applications, working on homework, editing articles for work, and studying for my upcoming exams in the library when Kristine called me to come over and hang out. I probably would have said no and finished up some other work, if it wasn't for a changed [...]

A Little Mulch of Letters: Part 5- Back To The City

Busy streets filled with quickly moving cars that carried on to heavy congested traffic on the highways; it was a stark difference from the slow-paced cow-filled town back in the Central Valley. I had attempted to empty my mind and dig deeper to find myself in the wide open spaces under the bright blue country [...]

A Little Mulch of Letters: Part 4- Love And Other Stuff

My best friend told me that she had felt safe in the sturdy arms of this Ethan’s embrace. She couldn’t help but let out a warm smile when all of their shared childhood memories came flooding back into her mind. It was incredibly obvious that they possessed mutual feelings of deep attraction between them. But [...]

A Little Mulch Of Letters: Part 2- The Fallout

Over a year ago my three friends and I planned a trip to Oregon so that Jessica could visit the boy she had told me she fell in love with, kissed and held hands with on the playground. He was the one that had made the couple receive ridicule from all of the kids in [...]

A Little Mulch of Letters: Part 1- Leaving

I have a bad habit of dropping everything and driving away when I was deep in thought and frustrated.  I leave, hop on a bike, walk into the woods, get in the car and drive away instead of just going to the gym or knitting or some sh%t like other people do when they have [...]