Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem

Lately I’ve been seeing way too many people talking about how they were stuck in situations where they didn’t want to be in. They complain of not having the time, money or opportunity to go out and do the thing that they would like to do. Instead of attempting to take each moment as a [...]

Death, Rebirth and the Dixie Chicks

The night before the “end of the world” was an event that snowballed into an evening of silly apocalyptic confessions claiming they “let the dogs out,” interesting pictures of “raptured people,” and comments about how the Mayans were terrible at predicting their own demise. A slew of “doomsday” parties were thrown for no other reason [...]

Death on a Roller Coaster

I remember the first time I ever got on a roller coaster. It had to have been the second time that I had ever visited Disneyland because I believe my younger sister and I barely made the height requirement for the Space Mountain ride. I was just a kid waiting in the long line of [...]