How Lent Changed My Entire Life

catholic rosary during lent

It was during the sunnier days that were sprinkled throughout the spring of 2000 when I decided to (temporarily) abstain from drinking any carbonated sugary liquids. I had only ever had my first sip of soda the year before at the age of eight and decided that this dessert-like treat would be the thing that I would give up during the religious time of Lent.

The 40 days (or so) before Easter was an important time for my classmates and me who attended a Pre-K through 8th-grade Catholic school complete with habited nuns and mass held every week. Having something to give up for Lent back then was even more important than the reasons why Catholics gave up things for Lent in the first place. However, my recently created addiction to caffeinated beverages proved difficult to manage despite the entirety of the Catholic Church breathing down my neck with guilt-gifting looks. Continue reading “How Lent Changed My Entire Life”

Writing: the Gateway Drug

My hands hit the keyboard again and I felt as though they haven’t touched these rows of hard plastic in over twenty years. I write everyday whether the sun is shining or the cold and heavy showers of rain hurl down on top of me, but I feel as though this isn’t enough.

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Filthy Thoughts of Knowledge

“Hey. This is God here. You guys can chill in my place for a bit while I’m out. Just don’t eat that fruit over there on that really cool looking tree.”

“Okay, cool.” Adam said as he was in the midst of naming animals and riding majestic cheetahs.

“Yeah sure whatev.” Adam’s girlfriend Eve was half asleep when the booming voice of God told them to stay away from the evil glowing tree, but within an hour of the warning, Eve was making a delicious salad with the juicy golden fruit.

“Dammit Eve! there’s glowing fruit in this salad! Did you use the forbidden fruit?” Adam had already eaten half of his large serving before he realized the shimmering gold mixed in with the dressing.

“Umm. About that—“ Continue reading “Filthy Thoughts of Knowledge”