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#OctPoWriMo: Oct 13th-15th

Pomona, agriculture apple apple tree

Pomona, agriculture apple apple tree

OctPoWriMo #13: Animals

A friend to horses, and a love of dogs;
A mom to cats, and a leader to hens.
I’ve watched you to take care of so many
whether they had two legs or four.
Your love of life extends to all
Your kindness radiates only love.
I’ve seen you save the life of the lost
And wonder how you still do more.  (more…)

Writing Prompt: The Change

Writing Prompt: Instead of writing a dark, gritty version of a sweet story, make a grim and horrifying tale genuinely heartwarming

It had all started one day after I sat down for a meal in my home. That day, I had a rather large helping of crisp salad, which still had the dew from the fresh water that had washed over the leaves. I had scurried off to bed after becoming uncharacteristically exhausted and quickly closed my eyes in search for rest.

The next day I noticed a very strange feeling in my body. I had opened my eyes and looked down in confusion of what I had witnessed next. The body that I had woken up in vaguely appeared to be the one that I had before I went to bed the previous day, and what I had lived in since my birth. (more…)

The Misogynistic PETA

Why PETA? Why do you always do this to the veg*n community.

For all of you non vegetarians and vegans out there, veg*n is a term used to describe both vegetarian and vegan people when you’re addressing them at the same time.

But besides all that, have you seen what the organization, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), has done lately? These dimwits have done it again with another controversial ad that has done nothing but thrown women under the bus again.

I could half tolerate the raunchy sex ads that could kinda sort of be portrayed as a generalized sexual empowerment of vegetarians, but this—this—cannot fit in that category.

The girl is limping around in a damn neck brace.

I’ve been discussing with a lot of people lately about the mistreatment of women and the fact that women are still not treated as equal to their male counterparts. We don’t get paid the same amount as men, we don’t get treated the same as men, people always blame the female victim and let the male women-basher free to do whatever he pleases after he nearly beats a girl to death in a God damn car that she was trying to escape.

There is already a deeply rooted social stigma that brainwashes everyone into thinking that women are just some sex object that they can just use and the beat the crap out of like a used tissue when they are through.

I think it’s worse that an organization that I used to support way back then changed its goals from trying to fight for the rights of animals to being some trashy news spectacle out for controversial attention that just drags women further down the f#cking ladder.

Jesus PETA. I already have enough to worry about as a Black female, but any gain we made as veg*ns today are always getting pushed aside because of PETA. This “organization” has done more harm than good for both women and vegetarians and I wish they would just screw over some other group of individuals and leave us out of it. I don’t want to be associated with things like this PETA—so knock it off and go back to the way you were in the beginning when it was about the animals.