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#OctPoWriMo: Oct 24 – 31

He asked me what I would say to God if I could have any question answered,
And I said that I would have little to say.
If I had to go on living after the question I would endure the rest of a life substandard.

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Creative Writing

All writing is creative. A writer puts their imagination into everything that they do.

Life In The Library

Reading was an escape to another adventure different from our own. We could travel beyond the words printed on the page and climb to new heights previously unknown.

Me at the Grand Canyon

The Road Trip From California to Texas

My best friend and I found ourselves, once again, traveling by car across the country. I didn’t need to, but I jumped in the car to spend the last few days that I will have for a while with my best friend.


How Fear Can Make Or Break You

There’s a feeling you get when you are home alone in the middle of the night. A dash of panic and you try your best to remind yourself to breathe.

Hot tea on cold mornings

Hot Tea On Cold Mornings

Still, I sit outside with my laptop open and facing me like an outspread book filled with my scrawling that decorate the pale white digital pages with dark letters. I pause only for moments at a time to grab the metal canister of boiling hot green tea sitting on the wooden table in front of me to warm my core and propel me further into my fit of writing.

fog, foggy mist

What’s Woven Into The Fog

The lingering moisture that gathered in the air has always done that to me. Perhaps a bit of the past was carefully mixed in along with the misty fog too.

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#OctPoWriMo: Rose Bushes

Taking on the poetry challenge, #OctPoWriMo again. Here’s the first poem: Rose Bushes.

Writing and blogging.

An Essay For Your Thoughts

The conversation of rich words is better digested after being presented on paper, and so I continue consuming chats and discussions through the act of writing.


I had read a text riddled with anxiety and worry. The words pushed for a more detailed answer and begged for better news. “We have plenty…

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