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Writing and blogging.

An Essay For Your Thoughts

The conversation of rich words is better digested after being presented on paper, and so I continue consuming chats and discussions through the act of writing.


It Was Enough

My blog wasn’t always updated regularly, and I was getting called out on it. However, I appreciated that my friend was concerned about me taking the time to write.

Writing about summer.

The Breath of Summer

A familiar scent of dust covered asphalt gently baking like a sheet of homemade cookies in an oven brushed by me as I began to exhale. The whiff of dense hot air transported me back in time, and prompted me to think carefully about the summers yet to come.


I had read a text riddled with anxiety and worry. The words pushed for a more detailed answer and begged for better news. “We have plenty…

The Digital Footprint You Leave Behind

When I was a child, I became obsessed with the idea of leaving behind a piece of my life after my death. I thought seriously about time capsules,…

The Lost Letter

Five years ago I wrote myself a letter. “Dear Future self…” it began. I was part of series of letters that I had written every couple…

A Weekend Of Modernism

I have always been familiar with mid-century architecture and design. As a former architecture student, I was made aware of Palm Springs, CA’s significance to the…

Who Still Blogs Anyway?

I don’t believe it was the way in which I have taken up blogging, how I write, or what I write about that has inspired a few friends to take up blogging. I am no literary master or famed author. I haven’t revolutionized blogging or created some new form of style that has encapsulated a movement or that has transfixed a wide audience. I’ve kept things simple, for the most part, but a few people on the internet come back to read what I have to say.

The Lives That Run Parallel To Our Own

The sound of knocking came from behind my best friend’s front door about an hour after we had come home from her birthday party. Her two…

Coffee Shop Blogging

She felt the sharp sting of the hot handcrafted espresso beverage as it hit the tip of her tongue. The steamed soymilk foam did nothing to…

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