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The Lost Letter

Five years ago I wrote myself a letter. “Dear Future self…” it began. I was part of series of letters that I had written every couple…

Who Still Blogs Anyway?

I don’t believe it was the way in which I have taken up blogging, how I write, or what I write about that has inspired a few friends to take up blogging. I am no literary master or famed author. I haven’t revolutionized blogging or created some new form of style that has encapsulated a movement or that has transfixed a wide audience. I’ve kept things simple, for the most part, but a few people on the internet come back to read what I have to say.

2014 in review

Five years. I have been blogging on the Internet for about five years now, and what started off as a random side project in 2009 turned…


So this is pretty cool. I was nominated for the  Versatile Blogger Award by For the Wild and the Free, and in order to accept the award…