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Learn By Doing: Graduating Into “The Real World”

My time spent at Cal Poly Pomona had taught me a lot of things. Among the incredibly valuable information that I have gathered, I have learned how to bs presentations during my brief stint as an architecture student, I learned how to write a fairly decent 20-page-paper in one night, and I learned everything else just by doing it on my own. In fact the motto of the University I had graduated from a couple of years ago, was to learn by doing.

I spent the majority of my four years as an undergrad working part time jobs, and interesting internships. The most interesting to date being the time I worked for a hypnotist. However, each position I have held over the years, each project I have completed, every piece of literature I have written has all contributed to what I know today. (more…)

Times Are Changing

tumblr_m1jl76P5b41qenk3co1_1332851444_coverIn a matter of five months my life has went from incredibly depressing to surfing the skies on cloud nine, and the rapid shift in my life’s progression has left me with the strangest time-elapsing whip lash. So much has happened that at times I feel I can’t comprehend the amount I’ve accomplished in this period and, oddly enough, I feel I haven’t finished this trend of quickly occurring positive changes yet.

Recently, while sitting in my comfy office chair, located inside the Bakersfield Californian building, I was offered to cover a quick feature story on one of my old high school teachers. After getting in touch with him via email, he responded to my inquiry and agreed to be interviewed by his former student. (more…)

An Exchange of Power: A Letter from the Former Editor

JasmineDLoweAs Posted on Uloop News.

Eleven months ago I answered my phone on speaker while barreling down the busy 405 freeway, on my way to one of my internships at the time, during heavy rush hour morning traffic. I had the most disastrously successful interview  for the campus editor position at Uloop News and had gotten the job. Now, eleven months later, I have learned what it really takes to manage and lead a group of intelligent individuals in order to achieve a common goal of starting a conversation with our readers and reporting the news, and I’m passing along the torch of editorial power to one of the students who used to write for me. (more…)

How Technology Will Impact Higher Education


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Smart phones, tablets, laptops and social media have changed the way we function in our lives and in society. They have made connecting with people and the world around us easier, and have created a new way of communicating. Because this change in the way we interact with each other has influenced all of our lives, it also makes sense that social technology has also changed the way we approach education. (more…)

High-tech Education in Obama’s State of the Union Address


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Propositions for pushing better strategies for climate control, the discussion of gun laws and immigration reform were just some of the topics President Obama spoke about during the State of the Union Address Tuesday night in Washington. The speech given by Obama showed a sterner president pushing for Congress to come together for the nation. One of the other major topics covered by Obama included education and its relation to technology and the competitive job market and how the nation’s students stand with the rest of the world. (more…)