The Ten-Year Trek


As I looked down at the new shoes on my feet, I let my mind wander to think of the past ten years out on the trails. The old pair of shoes that I had stuffed into the trunk of a car had carried me through the cool woods of the northern forests of California, had allowed me to cross the sweltering hot deserts in the south, moved me up the jagged rocks that adorned the face of mountains in the east, and near the beautiful blue ocean on that splashed up against the sand on the west coast. For the past ten years, I met new friends, saw jaw-dropping sights, and transformed my life from a nervous small-town teen to a young adult moving forward and growing more confident as the future progressed further. Continue reading “The Ten-Year Trek”

Learn By Doing: Graduating Into “The Real World”

IG | @jasminedlowe
IG | @jasminedlowe

My time spent at Cal Poly Pomona had taught me a lot of things. Among the incredibly valuable information that I have gathered, I have learned how to bs presentations during my brief stint as an architecture student, I learned how to write a fairly decent 20-page-paper in one night, and I learned everything else just by doing it on my own. In fact the motto of the University I had graduated from a couple of years ago, was to learn by doing.

I spent the majority of my four years as an undergrad working part time jobs, and interesting internships. The most interesting to date being the time I worked for a hypnotist. However, each position I have held over the years, each project I have completed, every piece of literature I have written has all contributed to what I know today. Continue reading “Learn By Doing: Graduating Into “The Real World””

Times Are Changing

tumblr_m1jl76P5b41qenk3co1_1332851444_coverIn a matter of five months my life has went from incredibly depressing to surfing the skies on cloud nine, and the rapid shift in my life’s progression has left me with the strangest time-elapsing whip lash. So much has happened that at times I feel I can’t comprehend the amount I’ve accomplished in this period and, oddly enough, I feel I haven’t finished this trend of quickly occurring positive changes yet.

Recently, while sitting in my comfy office chair, located inside the Bakersfield Californian building, I was offered to cover a quick feature story on one of my old high school teachers. After getting in touch with him via email, he responded to my inquiry and agreed to be interviewed by his former student. Continue reading “Times Are Changing”

An Exchange of Power: A Letter from the Former Editor

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Eleven months ago I answered my phone on speaker while barreling down the busy 405 freeway, on my way to one of my internships at the time, during heavy rush hour morning traffic. I had the most disastrously successful interview  for the campus editor position at Uloop News and had gotten the job. Now, eleven months later, I have learned what it really takes to manage and lead a group of intelligent individuals in order to achieve a common goal of starting a conversation with our readers and reporting the news, and I’m passing along the torch of editorial power to one of the students who used to write for me. Continue reading “An Exchange of Power: A Letter from the Former Editor”

How Technology Will Impact Higher Education


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Smart phones, tablets, laptops and social media have changed the way we function in our lives and in society. They have made connecting with people and the world around us easier, and have created a new way of communicating. Because this change in the way we interact with each other has influenced all of our lives, it also makes sense that social technology has also changed the way we approach education. Continue reading “How Technology Will Impact Higher Education”

High-tech Education in Obama’s State of the Union Address


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Propositions for pushing better strategies for climate control, the discussion of gun laws and immigration reform were just some of the topics President Obama spoke about during the State of the Union Address Tuesday night in Washington. The speech given by Obama showed a sterner president pushing for Congress to come together for the nation. One of the other major topics covered by Obama included education and its relation to technology and the competitive job market and how the nation’s students stand with the rest of the world. Continue reading “High-tech Education in Obama’s State of the Union Address”

The Story of Graduation

It was sort of funny, at first, everyone I’ve ever needed to email or talk to  decided to up and leave before I could have a quick chat with them. I wanted the fall 2012 quarter to be my last quarter at Cal Poly Pomona, but instead the school was secretly working their administration magic to keep me paying for a way to get out.

Undergraduates at the school have to pay $6,624 for tuition, an estimated $1,500 for books, $106 for parking per quarter, and some classes, like my dance course, requires you to go see  plays that often require purchasing $50 tickets. That’s not including gas/transportation cost, room and board, groceries, and other necessary living costs, so you could understand my reasoning for just wanting to be done with school.

The problem is that the school is seemingly putting so many obstacles in front of you that you can’t graduate on time. Continue reading “The Story of Graduation”

Living with a Vampire: Part 3- The Bed


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The next day, one of my roommates who I had met in architecture school approached me about the vampire. She told me that she heard the vampire’s bed slowly, but steadily, squeaking all night long. They tried turning up some music to drown out the sound, but the noise was so loud that nothing would help. A day later, my other roommate from architecture mentioned the same thing. The noise just wouldn’t stop.

Eventually the vampire tried to drown out the noise that she was making all night by blasting Death Cab for Cutie. It didn’t help a thing and, if anything, she only sort of ruined a few of their songs for me. The noise continued for a few weeks, and then finally the noises at night ceased. The vampire decided to make these noises during the daytime. Continue reading “Living with a Vampire: Part 3- The Bed”

Living with a Vampire: Part 2- The Party


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I went to bed each night that week only to wake up in the middle of it and hear this mysterious roommate making an immense amount of excessive noise. I never once seen her face moving in and, of course, my mind immediately went to the worse thought.

I was convinced that there was something wrong with my new roommate. I had no idea where she was in the day time, and I had confirmation that she was still alive at night. My roommates and I eventually got the hint that she might only come out at night, and so we stayed up late to meet her. She was a petite younger girl with the most annoyingly squeaky voice. She told us that she had moved here from Peru a few years ago, and that she was majoring in nutrition. She seemed normal for few moments after the first conversation that we had with her but, naturally, my assumptions were wrong. Continue reading “Living with a Vampire: Part 2- The Party”

Living with a Vampire: Part 1- Moving In


(Relax, it’s only three parts)

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In college, we’re bound to spend some time with a roommate. Some are great, some of them are incredibly strange, and others can be very difficult, so I suppose this story I’m about to tell you was bound to come out. I was asked the other day about my worst roommate experience in college. I thought about it for about two seconds, and immediately my mind drifted back to last year when I had a vampire as a roommate. Continue reading “Living with a Vampire: Part 1- Moving In”