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Our Trip to Ontario, Canada

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 6.47.36 AM“So, why on earth are you in Canada if you’re from California?” The young man was standing just outside the Toronto Eaton Centre passing out flyers for something or other when he struck up a conversation between my sister and myself. We were heading toward the crosswalk and on our way to grab a couple of Canadian beers and pizza.

My sister turned to the guy with the flyers again. “We just wanted to visit for fun.”

The real reason falls somewhere between my sister’s weird obsessions with the Great White North and my desire to travel the entire globe. Canada was not my first choice, but I was curious to see how America’s hat actually lived. (more…)

Genesis by Grimes

Grimes, whose real name is Claire Boucher is a Canadian artist, musician, and music video director. Grimes began recording experimental music while attending McGill University in Montréal, where she became involved with the underground electronic and industrial music scene. She released her debut album, Geidi Primes, through Arbutus Records in 2010, and then Halfaxa shortly after.

Her third album, Visions, released in 2012 has been quoted as “one of the most impressive albums of the year so far” by The New York Times probably because it’s so freaking fantastic.

Blue Bossanova by Bossanova

This is totally my leisurely morning driving song. Bossanova is a newer band on my radar from Vancouver, Canada. It’s made up of Chris Storrow as the singer and songwriter with various rotations of other musically talented friends all involved in this very interesting influence of “Brian Eno, My Bloody Valentine, Chic, Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield, the Associates, [and] George Macrae.”

ACTA: SOPA’s Evil Twin

First it was the Pro-IP Act of 2008, and then it came back as PIPA before it transformed into the monstrous SOPA. After standing together and facing the beast, thought that they had silenced the beast, but just as they thought that they were safe the evil ACTA appeared to terrorize the masses.


That’s right, ACTA (the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) is pretty much on the same line as the terrible SOAP Act, but this time it’s trying to take over the world—sort of.

ACTA establishes international standards for intellectual property rights enforcement, which like SOPA, can cross lines that infringe the rights of our free speech and expression. (more…)