The Lost Letter

old-letters-436503_1920Five years ago I wrote myself a letter. “Dear Future self…” it began. I was part of series of letters that I had written every couple of years to myself since I was eleven-years-old. I had started keeping a journal after becoming obsessed with the Dear America book series for children and thought it would also be fun to keep another time capsule that I could open with surprise in the future. I would write briefly about my life at that time, what I was doing, and what I was interested in. However, the conversation with my future self always turned to the important questions. What does the future entail? What happens to me? Continue reading “The Lost Letter”

“J” is for Journal


Writers of Kern Blogging Challenge (A-Z)

On my eleventh birthday I received a fuzzy blue diary with a special lock and key from my mom to keep all of my thoughts and secrets. I was inspired to keep some sort of journal with me after reading a series of Dear America books about fictional children from different time periods who kept a journal of their experiences during historical events. I was fascinated by the way history came to life through the eyes of these characters.

They weren’t books just stating facts about different eras in American history. They were magnificent stories that included images and experiences with the added value of getting the sense of how people may have felt during those times. I looked around at the events that took place in my own life and began to write as if my diary was going to be found one day, long after I was dead, by someone who was interested in the time period that I lived in. My first entry was about how I came to be, my eleventh birthday, and the events that just happened on 9/11 when the Twin Towers fell. Continue reading ““J” is for Journal”