Life’s Lemons

Life’s Lemons

They say when life gives you lemons you make lemonade, but often times you feel as though there aren’t enough sweeteners anywhere else no matter what you do to take the bitterness of life away. It’s in these times where you feel like just dumping the bitter lemonade on the floor and giving up, even [...]

In a Flash before My Eyes

There I was, standing on the corner of Temple Ave and South Campus Drive, repeatedly pushing the button at the stoplight as if doing so would get me across the street to the University Village any faster. I wasn’t in a hurry to get there—in fact I should have still been on campus getting work [...]

The Last Judgement Series: Part 1- The Angel of Death

It was midnight by the time Frank Thompson decided to light a cigarette and watch whatever late night TV shows popped on before he went to bed. With his newly lit tobacco in hand, he gently blew out the smoke with exhaustion in response to his long day at work. With his other free hand, [...]