The Department Store Diaries: Day 7

“Hello, I can help you over hear ma’am.” It was the beginning of the day and I had just opened the store when a middle aged woman walked up to the counter. “Yes, I would like to purchase these three items.” The lady at the counter set two similarly ugly shirts and a gaudy looking [...]

The Department Store Diaries: Day 3 ½

“Yeah, umm, when do you need to go on your break hun?” My new teacher out on the floor pretty much had it up to the lower levels of heaven with my inadequacy at the cash register. I had single handedly halted a huge line of customers causing mass panic behind the counter, and f#cked [...]

The Department Store Diaries: Day 3

“Okay you new kids! Get those smiles on and let’s go to the meeting! Whooooo!” My training supervisor had to be on crack. She was way too hyper and all smiley not to be on some sort of drugs this early in the morning. She flung her curly blonde hair around as she danced down [...]

The Department Store Diaries: Day 1

As a recently hired customer service associate, I spent five hours on Monday sitting in on cheesy acting, ridiculously cheap graphics, and terrible raps about department store safety. At times I thought that I was going to gouge my eyes out, but instead the gal sitting next to me kept me entertained with her random [...]