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The First Memory

Box of memories, the first memory

Box of memories, the first memory

The memory fades away with every breath breathed in its direction. The very act of recalling the memory destroys it piece by piece as though my mind attempts to chisel itself away. However, instead of an uncovered work of art from polished marble, I’m left with the rough sections of jagged rock lying in ruins. The memory – or was it a dream? – is now left alone upon the realization of this fact of degradation. It’s kept haphazardly locked away in a mind constantly trying to shove more memories into the very limited space of matter. (more…)

Dreams by Wet

I do realize that the title can easily become a filthy joke, but the song isn’t. In fact, the whole 4-track album is a great-sounding and relaxing track perfect to cruse to on your way to work. The band, Wet, uses slowly dispersed handclaps, warm, emanating synths,  minor inflections of guitars, and beautiful, scintillating vocals to create the indie album. 

The sultry pop sound created by Kelly Zutrau, Joe Valle, and Marty Sulkow sounds like the minimulism of The xx with a bit of ’90s R&B and just all around steaminess, and I definitely look forward to hearing more from the Brooklyn trio.


“I Can’t Stay Present” A Poem About A Wandering Dream

I can’t stay present in one reality.

Zoning out and tuning in;

Shifting thoughts and gazing off

Into distant memories that populate my day dreams

And take up huge amounts of space in my mind.

The drifting moments take me off

Into other worlds and different realities

Where the warping of stars and beautiful

Swirling planetary systems change

And are not the familiar parts

Of the universe that I usually see.

At times I fall deep into a nightmare

And worrying thoughts from conscious life

Plague the spaces usually reserved for better things.

Images, words, sounds, saying, and phrases

Float in and come out of my mind, and sometimes,

They make their way onto paper.