“P” is for Progresso (The Story of the First)

“P” is for Progresso  (The Story of the First)

Writers of Kern Blogging Challenge (A-Z) Every now and then I get together with some of my fellow writer friends and we send each other stories about all sorts of things just for fun. We usually encourage each other to write short stories from various suggested subjects and then read each other’s works in our [...]

Why I Hate Religion

The favorable face of politics has usually been rich older white male protestant lacking diversity and limiting the progression of all the rest of the population. The Right-winged Christians and other extreme religious people have denied the civil rights of the minority, whether it was the enslavement of a race or the continued denied marital [...]

Filthy Thoughts of Knowledge

“Hey. This is God here. You guys can chill in my place for a bit while I’m out. Just don’t eat that fruit over there on that really cool looking tree.” “Okay, cool.” Adam said as he was in the midst of naming animals and riding majestic cheetahs. “Yeah sure whatev.” Adam’s girlfriend Eve was [...]