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What’s Woven Into The Fog

fog, foggy mist

fog, foggy mist

I opened my door one morning to a vaguely thick layer of frigid gray fog. My charcoal-colored car, which was parked out front, barely emerged from the winter-like surroundings. I thought to myself that it hadn’t been this foggy this far inland in a while.

As I made my way down my apartment steps towards my car, a felt a small smile creep onto my face. It felt like it was now officially autumn, and not what felt like the perpetual summer, with brief pauses that allowed a chilly breeze, that most Southern Californians were accustomed to experiencing. I didn’t want to jinx it by grabbing a jacket, but I did think about all the sweaters I could now break out of the small “winter” section of my closet. (more…)

“There Once Was A Girl”

There once was a girl who walked the path everyday through the evergreen woods. She wore her hair in a wavy mess that grazed the top curvature of her breast ever so lightly. On that cool fall morning, with the fog still hovering over the horizon, the young girl continued her habitual migration into the brush.

As she walked she let her white dress flow behind her. It gently tickled the top of her knees as she swiftly moved into the forest, and it gave her smooth dark olive skin an even silkier look.

The barefooted procession into the newly born dawn was halted abruptly by a melodic sound in coming from the deep folds of the forest. She stood very still as she tried to listen to the hauntingly beautiful sound. (more…)