My Syndicated Life: Why You Should Start A Journal

My Syndicated Life: Why You Should Start A Journal

Sometime during the air of mystery that sparks ghost stories in late nights or early mornings, you’ll see me scribbling and hiding my pen and paper like Winston Smith of Oceania in 1984. It’s not for fear of Big Brother, but rather habit from having my little sister bust into my room like the terrifying 90’s classic Kool-Aid Man for most of my life.

What Brings Us Together

The sun beamed down overhead as the cool ocean breeze lightly brushed away the summer heat. I had taken my ballet flats off and let my toes wiggle around in the warm sand. It would have all been enjoyable if I hadn’t been crouching down behind a long sand embankment in the attempt to hide [...]

New Year Miracle

For those of you who were in attendance at the last party that I threw, which was overtaken by the apartment's vampire and her random friends, or for those people who have heard the ridiculous stories, you would think that I have since learned my lesson about planning "small get-togethers" in the New Year. Well--I [...]