That Moment When You Accidentally Start Your Own Business

It had happened to me just before a meeting at work. I was grabbing a chair in the office when one of the people I was about to speak with casually mentioned something about starting my own business. “So, I hear you’re starting your own consulting business now?” I chuckled a bit and jokingly responded, [...]

“G” is for Grad School

Everyone thinks they have an idea about what grad school is going to be like. They know that they will end up writing. A Lot. They know that there is a ton of research involved, and that they will be able to focus on the academic subject that they really care about.  But what they [...]

“A” is for Application

Writers of Kern Blogging Challenge (A-Z) I submitted my grad school application to groups of faculty and administration at a few schools in state this past year. I spent time double checking and triple checking the checklist of items needed to be submitted for consideration, and eventually mailed them all off at the same time [...]

College: Take It with You When You Go

College: Take It with You When You Go

As published by Miss Millennia Magazine. It’s that time of the year when thoughts of self-reflection and planning for the hot days of summer come rushing like cool fresh water of a rapid river in to your mind. Your anticipation for the future is overwhelming and the possibility of new adventures feel just like the [...]