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That Moment When You Accidentally Start Your Own Business

It had happened to me just before a meeting at work. I was grabbing a chair in the office when one of the people I was about to speak with casually mentioned something about starting my own business.

“So, I hear you’re starting your own consulting business now?”

I chuckled a bit and jokingly responded, “Yeah, it sort of happened by accident.”

Granted, I am very aware that no one accidentally starts his or her own business. But somewhere along the line in your life there comes a moment when you begin to gradually convince yourself that you need to become your own boss, and in another moment down the line you wonder just how you managed to get to where you are. (more…)

“G” is for Grad School

GEveryone thinks they have an idea about what grad school is going to be like. They know that they will end up writing. A Lot. They know that there is a ton of research involved, and that they will be able to focus on the academic subject that they really care about.  But what they don’t know is that their lives will forever be changed, not just because they are moving forward into the next step on the higher education ladder toward a deeper understanding of their field, but because they also will never look at things the same way again.

Here are several other things they won’t tell you about grad school. (more…)

“A” is for Application


Writers of Kern Blogging Challenge (A-Z)

I submitted my grad school application to groups of faculty and administration at a few schools in state this past year. I spent time double checking and triple checking the checklist of items needed to be submitted for consideration, and eventually mailed them all off at the same time while crossing my fingers for luck as I walked out of the local postal office’s door. I waited for a while, and heard back from the school that I was really hoping to attend. It was a short impersonal email rejecting me from entering into the school as a student without any in-depth explanation. I could have clicked out of the email and carried on with my life as a prospective student now excluded from the educational institution she really wanted to get into, but I didn’t. I put my dedication to use and inquired further about my situation. (more…)

College: Take It with You When You Go

15325_wpm_hiresAs published by Miss Millennia Magazine.

It’s that time of the year when thoughts of self-reflection and planning for the hot days of summer come rushing like cool fresh water of a rapid river in to your mind. Your anticipation for the future is overwhelming and the possibility of new adventures feel just like the subtle changes of the coming season within the air. This time is also an important one for graduating seniors at the high school and college level. You think back at all the hours you have sat at wooden desks and metal tables and you wonder how it will all play a part in the time yet to come. As the realization of reality hits, you wonder about your career, and dare I say, you wonder if you will be successful. (more…)