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The Wild Goose

The Wild Goose, Astrology

The Wild Goose, Astrology

The words poured out of her as we were sipping our craft beers and snacking on items from the local taco truck nearby. I felt as though her words echoed even louder throughout the spaces in-between the young people playing corn hole in the Downtown LA brewery than the conversations that were taking place all around us.

I cringed as my sister retold stories about past events when I was young and mildly irresponsible. I buried my face full of embarrassment into the branded glass of, surprisingly tasty, avocado beer and interjected when I could.

“We’re not like this anymore though. I swear!” (more…)

Coloring With Crayons And Growing Up

A friend had recently called me in a panic to voice her concerns about the near future. I answered my ringing phone and spoke through the confines of a smile. “Hey, what’s up?”

“I don’t want to grow up.” I felt a slightly irrational sense of fear creep up from the other end of the phone. “Can’t we just sit on the floor and color?”

“I’m almost positive that you would have to find a job that would pay you to do that in order to survive as an adult,” I said.

She paused for a moment after my response to her calling attention to the obligations of a modern citizen living within the margins of traditional society. “These new responsibilities that come with adulthood are stupid.” (more…)

Under the Twirling Strobe Lights

I looked around the dance floor at the wildly flailing 20-somethings vibrantly moving and singing to the Katy Perry song that was blaring through the nearby speakers. High heels had already been thrown alongside the venue’s walls where flowers and table decorations had fell during the enthusiastic celebration. Among the faces of young adults spotlighted in yellow lights was a group of people who I had come to know over the course of 10 years. I laughed as we brought back terrible dance moves that no sane person would attempt in public.

“I think I’m bringing back the shopping cart, you guys,” I said raising my hand from the imaginary shopping cart to grab the invisible grocery product. I managed to carefully place the product in the cart.

A friend who was happily twisting her hips in the washing machine motion had screamed. “Ah! Prom!” (more…)