You Are Afraid, And I Understand

You Are Afraid, And I Understand

Fear is just a lack of knowledge. The second you understand something is the second you stop fearing it. Through understanding, you find room to grow and begin to share love and kindness.

Fighting Homophobia with Discrimination

“Fighting Homophobia with Discrimination” is a title that definitely sounds like ‘fighting fire with fire’ and everyone getting burned because of it. But does discrimination get a pass if it’s trying to diminish views that limit the civil rights of the LGBT community? My answer is no. I may get some heat for this, but first [...]

Pushed Over The Edge

I had written this on my other blog a little while ago and found that it was relevant to the recent passing of the Anti-Bullying and Tenant Bills. Here's the story: A young man walks by himself alongside a pathway on a large bridge. He looks over the railing separating him from the ledge that’s [...]