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Dirty Windshields

clouds sunset and crops in the country

clouds sunset and crops in the country

The deep orange and warm yellow light from the setting sun seeps into the car through a thin sheet of lightly tanned dust that is gently layered over the windshield. I calmly gaze out beyond the sea of slowly moving vehicles that are stuck in traffic to the horizon. The subtle bits of grime and dust wouldn’t have been as noticeable if it wasn’t for the incandescent rays from the falling orb in the sky, but I find the messy view comforting.

It’s this image of the dusty windshield that steals away my thoughts and brings me back to older times. I’m reminded of long drives in pickup trucks along the dusty back roads that are nestled in between fields of growing crops out in the country. I can easily hear conversations and sing-alongs to classic country songs with my best friend as I soak in the similarly warm glimmers of a sunset that finds its way through the dusty windshield. (more…)

The Week in Between

20507584_10213531837714353_6449662465477211912_oThe felt the harsh yellow light from the sun beating down on me as I sat high on top of a trotting Quarter Horse. A cool breeze brushed passed our faces as we gained a little speed. We rode along a path in between rows of crop and a ditch not too far away from my friend’s home. I found myself letting the reigns slip out a little from my hands in a loose grip after I gave a cue to the horse to slow to a walk. It was quiet and peaceful, and it gave me time to think about where I have been in life and where I was heading.

The trail riding came in the middle of a week I had planned to take in between my old job and my new one. I had walked out of the office for the last time after hugging co-workers and shaking hands while saying goodbye. (more…)

The Hollywood Intern: Part 12- The Hike

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I slid out of the office like a bat out of a cave and left my first internship that day dragging all of my work materials behind me. I jumped into my car, slammed my seatbelt buckle into the car’s appropriate orifice and quickly sped out of the parking lot and onto the street like the building was on fire. It was definitely my time to leave since I had been cramped in a corner inside the frigid confines of the workplace and basically just felt blah all day.

I thought back to my previous weekend with one of my good friends from college, and the conditions that I endured in the office felt even more like an urban jail cell. By that time, I was not even half way home and stuck in the usual Los Angeles traffic. Always busy and never lets up, to get anywhere in this crazy city you have to double your usual traveling time due to wall-to-wall madness. I figured that then was good as a time as ever to think back to my hike. (more…)