Radio Talk Shows and Internships: The Importance of Using Post Secondary Resources Before Entering the Job Force

Radio Talk Shows and Internships: The Importance of Using Post Secondary Resources Before Entering the Job Force

I ended up getting the chance to sit down and speak with a professional contact, whom I met while working on a research project for graduate school, on her online podcast, “Operation Community Stimulus.” The show takes the time to interview community nonprofits and business owners who give advice to college students and young working [...]

Why Tom Hanks And I Agree That Community College Should Be Free

Gone are the days when young adults didn’t need a high school diploma to get a great job. Many job requirements call for a diploma along with on the job training, a bachelor’s degree, some form of certification from a trade school, or an associate’s degree from their candidates. It is because of this that [...]

“I” is for Irony

A towering inferno grows out from underneath the cubicles of the modern-style office. The blaze melts the computers on the desks and burns the stacks of pages lying around like a box of gasoline soaked matches. There I stood in the middle of the chaotic scene with my tote bag in tow. I peered out [...]

“B” is for Blogging

“B” is for Blogging

Writers of Kern Blogging Challenge (A-Z) When I was in architecture school, there was a class that focused on teaching us how to use this interesting new blogging platform called Tumblr. I had never blogged before, so when they told me that having a blog would help showcase your designs for potential employers and possibly [...]

A Long Week

A Long Week

There were meetings scheduled throughout the course of Monday and Tuesday that had filled up my days like the flood of liquid spilling out from the over watered decorative pot with the dead plant in my mother’s kitchen. It was clear that the dried brown leaves falling out of formation that were once all tied [...]

Why I Choose To Write

I was recently asked to discuss why I choose to write. This was my answer. I was admitted into the architecture program at Cal Poly Pomona, one of the best architecture schools around, and switched my major to English with a minor in Journalism after the first year. My family, friends, and classmates thought that [...]

The Bed

I came home to a long weekend of travel to a room that I honestly didn’t recognize. I looked around for my blow up bed, the cleaned out trash can that I used as a night stand, and my other random knickknacks that were usually scattered around the room. Instead, I found a lavish bedroom [...]

The Hollywood Intern: The Beginning

Click here to start from the beginning. I grabbed my stuff, took the key to the office from my key chain, placed it on the desk and said goodbye to the other interns and the editor-in-chief, whose goodbye felt like it was the exact opposite of my goodbye with the production and operations manager. I [...]

Women Banned From Universities In Iran

Republished from PhillyD(dot)TV Not being able to play football with the boys just sucks, but not being able to grow up and go off to a university is just plain sex-discrimination. That’s exactly what Iran has been up when it decided to officially approve of female students being barred from more than 70 university degree [...]

The Hollywood Intern: Part 13- Mott’s and The Great Gatsby

Click here to start from the beginning. I had stepped out of my car that night wearing my long brown cardigan draped over a tank top and some shorts. I slid my card into the gas pump and shoved the nozzle into the gas tank. I was tired, confused about my life’s recent events, and [...]