Jazzed About Nature Podcast | Episode 1: Is Recycling A Scam?

Where do your items go when you toss them into a recycling bin? Does Recycling actually help save the planet, or is it all a scam? These were questions I heard many of my friends ask. Questions that I would get answers to by phoning a friend.


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Jazzed About Nature Intro

This is the introduction to the Jazzed About Nature Podcast. Who is Jasmine Lowe? Why is she doing this podcast, and what can we expect from the show? You’ll have to continue listening to find out.

The Hollywood Intern: Part 11- The Phone Interview

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I had, unfortunately, scheduled a phone interview during my usual commute to my second internship. They only gave me a few choices that either involved leaving the office to go answer the phone or canceling my other interview time slots in order to take the call.  I had no choice but to figure out the time difference between Central and Pacific Coast time and then call my interviewer smack dab in the middle of heavy morning Los Angeles traffic.

I got in my car a little earlier that day (or at the time that I was supposed to be getting in my car) and I made sure that my phone was out and ready for me to grab and illegally use on the highway, but of course with my luck, my intended interviewer called me just as I was entering the dreaded 101/405 interchange.

I picked up the phone and greeted my potential boss on the other line, and after giving me some background about the company he asked me to speak a little bit about myself.

“So, this is my last year at the Univ—Oh God!” Continue reading “The Hollywood Intern: Part 11- The Phone Interview”

Don’t Save the Cheater

This story is a precursor to The Hollywood Intern series.

All week I was running around going to different interviews for different Journalism, new media, and marketing related internships. I really thought I had experienced it all until my group interview for a popular small-scaled new media company. I had left way too early for the interview on purpose, just in case I got lost, and I’m so glad I did because when I finally found the building that I needed to get to I ran into three other lost young adults in jeans and T-shirts.

“Are you guys here for the—” I said before getting cut off by one of the confused young people. Continue reading “Don’t Save the Cheater”