How Lent Changed My Entire Life

How Lent Changed My Entire Life

This Lent I managed to accomplish an assortment of things by keeping weekly attainable goals. I try to ask myself, what can I do today to help me get to where I need to be?

The Intent for Lent

I let the steaming hot java pour into my Beatles thermos, poured a little hazelnut creamer in to the black liquid, and capped it off with the thermos’ matching black top. “You sure do drink a lot of coffee,” my sister said to me while watching me prepare my beverage in the kitchen from the [...]

Why I Hate Religion

The favorable face of politics has usually been rich older white male protestant lacking diversity and limiting the progression of all the rest of the population. The Right-winged Christians and other extreme religious people have denied the civil rights of the minority, whether it was the enslavement of a race or the continued denied marital [...]

The Department Store Diaries: Day 7

“Hello, I can help you over hear ma’am.” It was the beginning of the day and I had just opened the store when a middle aged woman walked up to the counter. “Yes, I would like to purchase these three items.” The lady at the counter set two similarly ugly shirts and a gaudy looking [...]