That One Time I Started A New Job During A Pandemic

My Long-Form Glassdoor Review

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“You will never forget the day that you started this job.” I actually heard that a couple of times from friends and new coworkers this past Monday. I was handed keys to the office, but I wasn’t entirely sure how long I would be able to use them.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the timing of it all. I started my new job the week of California’s statewide order to stay home due to an ongoing pandemic. I felt both lucky and not-so-lucky to have slid into a new position just before I wouldn’t have the chance to do so–or at least for a while. I was able to make the change without having to wait for the all-clear that would release us back into our normal lives, and unlike so many others during this time, I was able to pick up a paycheck still.

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Why I Don’t Tell People To Go To College Anymore

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A deep yet anxious sigh escaped from the mouth on the other end of the phone call. The heavy breath was shaky as it struggled to push out words that were too nervous to reach my ears. There was a brief pause before my friend revealed her confession. “Jas, I don’t think college is for me.”

For years I spoke vehemently in favor of getting an education. I stressed the importance of college on everyone around me until they began to believe it themselves. College was a must, especially in my household. I still remember my sister jokingly telling my mom she didn’t have to go to college because she actually wanted to be a clown. To which my mom replied, “well, then you will go to clown college and become the best clown out there.” I couldn’t tell if my mother was joking. However, the point was made from an early age that college was the key to success until my views on the matter changed. Continue reading “Why I Don’t Tell People To Go To College Anymore”

The Biggest Issues Generation Y Faces Today

Generation-Y-RockstarsAs Published In Miss Millennia Magazine

Generation Y is unlike any other generation in our history. With a touch of a button, and the switching on of a mobile cellular device, we are instantaneously connected to the four corners of the earth, and can communicate and express our thoughts with the entire world. We have the power to change the future just by sitting down behind a laptop, and with every moment of every day our generation is learning, growing and evolving so that we can make the world a better place. However, with all of this potential and power come some setbacks and challenges for the young generation of global social networking pioneers. Continue reading “The Biggest Issues Generation Y Faces Today”

College: Take It with You When You Go

15325_wpm_hiresAs published by Miss Millennia Magazine.

It’s that time of the year when thoughts of self-reflection and planning for the hot days of summer come rushing like cool fresh water of a rapid river in to your mind. Your anticipation for the future is overwhelming and the possibility of new adventures feel just like the subtle changes of the coming season within the air. This time is also an important one for graduating seniors at the high school and college level. You think back at all the hours you have sat at wooden desks and metal tables and you wonder how it will all play a part in the time yet to come. As the realization of reality hits, you wonder about your career, and dare I say, you wonder if you will be successful. Continue reading “College: Take It with You When You Go”

The Story of Graduation

It was sort of funny, at first, everyone I’ve ever needed to email or talk to  decided to up and leave before I could have a quick chat with them. I wanted the fall 2012 quarter to be my last quarter at Cal Poly Pomona, but instead the school was secretly working their administration magic to keep me paying for a way to get out.

Undergraduates at the school have to pay $6,624 for tuition, an estimated $1,500 for books, $106 for parking per quarter, and some classes, like my dance course, requires you to go see  plays that often require purchasing $50 tickets. That’s not including gas/transportation cost, room and board, groceries, and other necessary living costs, so you could understand my reasoning for just wanting to be done with school.

The problem is that the school is seemingly putting so many obstacles in front of you that you can’t graduate on time. Continue reading “The Story of Graduation”

Job Experience Vs. Higher Education

A post from the archives…

I had just come home from a long day at work at my minimum wage paying department store job when I was confronted with this question on a website that I had happened to stumble upon:

Considering the ever-increasing cost of higher education, and the student loans which many college kids amass while working for their various degrees, do you feel the economy actually turned the tide and made job experience just as or more valuable than higher education?

It’s true. The economy is in the crapper and there are millions of students out there drowning in college debt. Is it worth it? I still think so, but I do think having a bit of experience under your belt is also an incredibly smart thing to do. Continue reading “Job Experience Vs. Higher Education”

In the Defense of Journalism

As published on Uloop.

Facebook, Twitter, videos uploaded from iPhones to YouTube; information comes swiftly speeding all over the globe to reach those thirsty for information. It’s amazing how, within seconds of some major news event, anyone with complete access to the internet can be updated with the knowledge of that event’s existence. Today in our internet age the consumer is incredibly fortunate to be able to acquire information at the tips of their fingers in an instant, but while the digital age is booming with new possibilities, journalists are becoming concerned about their own futures.

As young students of journalism, naturally, they’re thinking about the future and whether it’s a waste of time to go into such a field that, to a large amount of individuals, seems so up in the air. With the amount of uncertainty that exists during a time when tuition costs are high, jobs are limited and student loans still need to be paid back after graduation, journalism seems less appealing to those attempting to make a career out of it.

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Are Internships Worth the Trouble?

As published on Uloop and the Huffington Post

As the summer ends and all of the academic universities begin to prepare for the new school year, the students print out their schedules for classes and pack up their last bit of luggage to be hauled along with them to campus. Many of us are searching for jobs, buying books and worrying about whether or not our financial aid will kick in on time. Completing the long list of classes for our course curriculum is always the first things on our minds (especially now with all of the educational budget cuts) but should all of these things be the only focus on our minds? What about internships?

Interning for your intended field of business has its many benefits, but many of these internship positions that students obtain are not paid. Students are often left debating on whether or not the internship is worth the lack of time they could have been using at a paid position, and they pass on internship opportunities unless it is absolutely required of them.

Those people, unfortunately, are missing out on the benefits of an internship. Continue reading “Are Internships Worth the Trouble?”

You Might Just Be A Psychopath

When today’s generation goes out to have a good evening, an allotted amount of time is set aside for quiet updates to every social media alert available. If they’re at a party they’re recording video for their vlog on YouTube and possible posting a short post about the whole event on their blog. They take a picture of their drink or fancy meal with Instagram which links it to their Twitter account and then posts to their Tumblr, tags them into Foursquare, and then posts to their Facebook. But if you’re not up on your social media game, people just find you to be strange.

Apparently some employers do a double take if they can’t find your mug on Facebook and a number of psychiatrists consider an absence on Facebook as abnormal. But why is it so important to join the herd of 955 million individuals on Facebook?

“The Internet has become a natural part of life,” psychologist Christopher Moeller told Germany’s Der Taggspiegel. “It’s possible that you get feelings of positive feedback through online friends.” Continue reading “You Might Just Be A Psychopath”