Oregon Or Bust (Part 12)

“Dammit Jasmine! What is that smell?!” my sister yelled from across the house. “F#ck! The cookies are burning!” I had leapt into action and ran toward the kitchen when the pungent smell really hit me. I managed to turn the oven off as I simultaneously opened its door to a wall of billowing smoke. “Oh [...]

Oregon Or Bust (Part 7)

“Soooo—remember my friend that I kissed a little while ago?” I casually reminded my friend from second grade and the one from college. “Yeah, the one that you wanted me to kill?” my friend from second grade responded. “I never wan-whatever, yes.” I said. “Well, I guess the kiss kind of meant something because it [...]

Oregon Or Bust (Part 5)

If you keep looking around for a sign in life and you can’t find what you’re looking for, maybe the fact that you were even looking around for something in particular is the actual sign. This is at least what I thought up until a certain point. I thought it was best to leave my [...]