The Arsenic in Our Poultry


As Published in Miss Millennia Magazine.

Brominated vegetable oil, Azodicarbonamide, BHA, BHT, rBGH, rBST, brominanted flour, food dyes, the fat substitute Olestra, potassium bromate, and arsenic—this list of harmful toxins are part of a list of more than 150 individual ingredients that have once been used in food and are now banned in 100 different countries, but for some reason they are still being used in the foods here in America. Continue reading “The Arsenic in Our Poultry”

A Documented Case of Macaroni

She held her bright blue spoon, with her right hand that was connected to an aloft elbow held up so high, that one would think that she was a one winged bird trying to take flight. She eagerly slopped up huge shovel-full scoops of the yellow cheese pasta at a rate that would give the most competitive eaters a run for their money. She thought to herself how garlic would taste if the tiny grounded white flakes of tangy goodness were sprinkled into her dish, but she couldn’t ponder on it too much because she had already gone through three-fourths of the way of her giant bowl of macaroni. She let the tender pieces of gold move about her mouth as she quickly chewed and swallowed what she thought was a gift from God.

“Oh my God!” she said looking down into her nearly finished lunch. “This must be a gift from heaven!”

Having already mentioned this to the reader, and now moving on… Continue reading “A Documented Case of Macaroni”