The End of Coffee

coffee being poured into and spilling over a dark cup

With a snap of the finger and a pour from my favorite mugI let the last drops of my addiction slide down the sink. The part of me that lingered on to the deeply aromatic and carefully roasted coffee beans was waning. I decided to cut the dark and rich beverage out of my life. I would no longer let the slightly bitter drink affect my health. I now lean on the herbal essence of tea instead. However, I worried that I would lose my identity. No longer the coffee-addicted writer, I would have to fuel my fire with natural energy.  Continue reading “The End of Coffee”

How Lent Changed My Entire Life

catholic rosary during lent

It was during the sunnier days that were sprinkled throughout the spring of 2000 when I decided to (temporarily) abstain from drinking any carbonated sugary liquids. I had only ever had my first sip of soda the year before at the age of eight and decided that this dessert-like treat would be the thing that I would give up during the religious time of Lent.

The 40 days (or so) before Easter was an important time for my classmates and me who attended a Pre-K through 8th-grade Catholic school complete with habited nuns and mass held every week. Having something to give up for Lent back then was even more important than the reasons why Catholics gave up things for Lent in the first place. However, my recently created addiction to caffeinated beverages proved difficult to manage despite the entirety of the Catholic Church breathing down my neck with guilt-gifting looks. Continue reading “How Lent Changed My Entire Life”

The Brunch And The Broken Bet With Jesus

Photo by Linda via Flickr
Photo by Linda via Flickr

The cool breeze that subtly rustled through the tall palm trees on that Sunday morning greeted us as we made our way to the small restaurant. We had gotten up at a decent time to eat brunch and then spend the rest day together, but there was still a line waiting outside of the door with potential patrons holding white lettering printed on bright orange mugs filled with coffee.

Although the weather outside seemed a little gloomy, everyone seemed to be in an incredibly good mood. We put our names down on the waiting list and passed the next twenty minutes of time by taking a short stroll around the nearby shopping center.

We were seated somewhere in the middle of the breakfast/brunch establishment and our waitress immediately came over to ask us about our drink order.

“Would you like any coffee?” Continue reading “The Brunch And The Broken Bet With Jesus”

The Intent for Lent

Photo by John via Flickr
Photo by John via Flickr

I let the steaming hot java pour into my Beatles thermos, poured a little hazelnut creamer in to the black liquid, and capped it off with the thermos’ matching black top.

“You sure do drink a lot of coffee,” my sister said to me while watching me prepare my beverage in the kitchen from the living room.

I looked at her, “I maybe have a cup or two a day. No big deal.”

“I don’t think that’s a good thing,” my sister looked almost disgusted at my actions. “Everyone is so addicted to that stuff to where they have to have it everyday. You know it’s bad for you if you’re having headaches and getting cranky if you don’t have that daily dose of coffee.”

“Well, I’m not addicted to coffee. I can stop at any time.”

“Sure.” Continue reading “The Intent for Lent”