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Garden of Life

beautiful blooming garden of life

beautiful blooming garden of life

Anyone can spot my apartment balcony from yards away. A cascade of green vines and leaves twirl elegantly around the bars below the patio railing. The grassy-colored greenery helps add to the peaceful paradise feeling you get when you sit in one of the patio chairs underneath the awning. You cannot avoid the bright greens from the various herbs and spices sprouting in medium-sized round pots and planters. And when you brush up against the springy shrubs adorning the sides surrounding the outdoor space your noise is gifted with a smell of fresh basil and parsley that lingers long enough to encourage a small grin from your mouth. (more…)

Checking In With Parallel Universe You


Photo by Lee Davy

A soft buzzing sound began to emanate from within the confines of my purse. I fumbled around for the source of the noise for another two short sessions of unceasing ringing before pulling out my cell phone and answering it.

“Pizza or fish tacos?” There was no “hi” or “hello,” just the question asked with a bit of urgency attached to it.

“Uh, hello, to you too, sis,” I responded.

“Pizza or fish tacos? Quick, I’m coming up on a turn.” The voice was, apparently, traveling by car and had called me in a panic asking for dinner choices—nothing new. (more…)