A Tale Of Two Histories

I always sat in the middle of the most classrooms off to the side whenever I picked my seat in college courses. I remember sitting in that same formation in my World Literature class. There weren’t a lot of people there, but I remember there was one other Black person who happened to be in the class and who sat next to me. 

We shared the looks in our direction when we got to the brief bit of history that Black Americans get when we show up as slaves in a piece of canonized literature. I thought that would be the end of Black history for that particular class, as it usually is, but I was surprised when we somehow ended up on the topic of everyone knowing their history except Black people.

The rest of the class had never heard of that before. The other people in the class asked the only two Black people in the room the question, “why doesn’t anyone know anything about Black history?”

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How Camping Can Spark The Next Renaissance

Prominent prolific musicians, or those who just go off into the woods, often come up with magnificent ideas and creative projects when they camp. It refers to periods when they go off with a bunch of people to create an album. It could last anywhere from days to months at a time, but usually, it becomes a moment in their careers when masterpieces are created. The same can be done for other artists of different crafts.

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#OctPoWriMo: Oct 24 – 31

October 24: Her

Sometimes I think about it in swiftly passing glances,

That it were me that you had chosen instead of her.

I ponder for a moment, but what I find in my intent is that I wouldn’t have lived my life this way.

I would have never climbed mountains, ran marathons, or have seen so many places.

I would not be the girl happily sitting here today.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Although a lot is what I endured,

But where I want to be and what I have loved along the way is being able to meet so many brilliant faces that have shaped the girl happily sitting here today.

October 25: Pretty

She was pretty.

Pretty enough to paint every line and curve that defined her face.

She could have been a portrait. Perhaps, she was a portrait, and we had been tip-toeing around a pretty inanimate object in the middle of the living space.

Room, she captured all of it, a space filled with eyes all resting on her.

She lived her life oblivious to the stares from the crowd.

She could kill any person with glancing murder.

She could have been an assassin. Perhaps, she failed at being an assassin because for her entire life she was a killer.

October 26: Light

I saw the light leave your eyes like the setting sun sinking softly out at sea,

And like the twilight of the evening I noticed the dark and grew concerned.

I was alone now under the floating tarp covered in thousands of twinkling lights.

Your light was no longer beside me.

And all I could do was continue moving forward.

Then suddenly, sometime soon, I know another sun will rise to greet a new day,

And I, like the dawn of the morning, will be drowned in warm light again.

October 27: Meaning

He asked me what I would say to God if I could have any question answered,

And I said that I would have little to say.

If I had to go on living after the question I would endure the rest of a life substandard,

And I would feel cheated at the end of the day.

To know what you shouldn’t know takes away the mysteries of life, And that is not how you should live.

You do the best you can until you reach the afterlife

Leaving everything else on earth with more stories to share and love to give.

October 28: Memories

We walk haphazardly down the street with our fake smiles

And all I think about are the other times we’ve been here in this place.

You think your own set of unique questions and I watch as your mind runs a race.

There are so many memories, but we comment on none.

We never pause to recollect or relive the fun,

And that’s how I knew we were over and passed the point of done.

I ended the relationship in my mind in an instant as if I solved our problem with a gun.

October 29: Language

I see your mouth move and contort into different shapes,

But I do not understand any of the sounds it makes.

Your voice has changed and the sounds that leave your body are unknown.

I listen to you like I’m having a conversation under water over the phone.

I know less of who you are as you go about your day. Your interests are different and you only deeply consider your pay.

Your familiarity grows strange as I lose my grasp of who you are.

You become the blurred details on the side of the road as I speed by in my car.

October 30: God

I am not a man.

I am the whole Universe,

Though no one believes.

October 31: Friendship

Here we are, five hundred and seventy- four fortnights after we first said, “hello.”

We were babies then and couldn’t imagine a life at the time where we ended up together.

You were the wild one, and I was the girl that was mellow.

We both rubbed off on each other and continue to evolve on this journey forever.

You said once that we were soulmates and I believe it to be so.

I think about this sometimes during the day, and I promise to find you in the next life when we both go.

Creative Writing

college books
  • I would give them no choice in the matter, and just picked them up and took them somewhere. Especially, the friends who came from that tiny rural town.
  • I paused for a moment and glanced up to see if I would need to dodge any more animals falling from the sky. I was already 13 miles into the 17-mile hike I had planned to do the day before my trek. ‘Damn. I really am out here,’ I thought to myself.
  • I went to see a therapist about my anxiety, and it helped. I started rolling out my yoga mat again and practicing mindfulness meditation. I began paying closer attention to the advice from people I trusted, and while I worked to help educate others and help uplift the voices of the minority, I also worked […]
  • I was already halfway up the mountain when I briefly thought about turning back in my head that made no sense. I was already here on the mountain. I quickly and confidently checked my bag for my throwing knives and figured that I would be alright. I was already in the middle of doing something […]
  • It seems like every year around this time; I take off to help or visit someone. This is the second time I spontaneously decided to drive to Texas, planned a trip overnight, and then flawlessly executed it without skipping a beat.
  • I realized through exploring historical literature from people from all walks of life that there are so many sides to a story. None of them are completely right because each account is told with an inherent bias. No one news source can give you the full picture, and no one person can tell you what […]
  • After 23 years of memories and conversations I decided to end a very one-sided friendship.
  • Something changes in you when you lose a loved one out of the blue so suddenly. You can’t be there to say goodbye. Say Something while people are alive.
  • Fear is just a lack of knowledge. The second you understand something is the second you stop fearing it. Through understanding, you find room to grow and begin to share love and kindness.
  • I’m an introvert, but I love working and collaborating with smart groups of people. You end up creating better things by building off of everyone’s ideas. You end up becoming an idea factory. However, when you are working from home in quarantine during an ongoing global pandemic, to make this amazing experience work, you end […]

Life In The Library



Two by two, we would line up together — boys on one side, and girls on the other. We wore our pressed uniforms of pants or appropriate-length plaid skirts and walked with our hands folded together behind our backs. I felt like Madeline when I would end up towards the back of the line next to my best friend. We would chat about everything on our way to one of our most favorite places. Continue reading “Life In The Library”

Are You Ready?

The power of the threaded four wheels propelled her rapidly down the city streets, and left the light flooding from the street lamps blurring behind them into the darkness.

She let her bare foot slowly fall down on to the gas pedal, which made the car gradually speed up on the cool autumn pavement—and as the wheels spun, the car flew forward, and her heart pounded at a heightened pace.

Her hand rose to clutch her chest as if it were trying to catch the throbbing muscle before it leapt out of her body. She began to take a few deep breaths to slow the rhythm’s pace and, as she exhaled to release the carbon dioxide from her lungs into the frigid air, a breathy-whisper followed with a question. Continue reading “Are You Ready?”

Phenomenal People

phenomenal people

I was speaking with a fellow female who was feeling down and out the other day about the pains of being a woman. She saw the curve of her hips and the shape of her breasts as a curse upon women everywhere. I couldn’t help but feel incredibly sad for my fellow female, not only because she felt hated that she hated being a woman in general, but because she hated herself. I had to respond with the kind of wisdom that had uplifted me so many times before. And so, of course, I turned my attention to Dr. Angelou.

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A Wallflower in the Mulch

I had spent the whole day filling out grad school applications, working on homework, editing articles for work, and studying for my upcoming exams in the library when Kristine called me to come over and hang out. I probably would have said no and finished up some other work, if it wasn’t for a changed relationship status on her Facebook. I knew that my friend would want to catch me up on everything, and I’m pretty sure she needed someone to talk to about the whole thing anyway.

I managed to make my way over to her house as the sun was setting to pick her up and head over to Pasadena. She wanted to see a movie, grab drinks in the downtown area, and have a little fun before we both had to get back to our regular busy lives. After forty-five minutes of driving we parked on some random street and walked to a nearby theater to see the movie, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” based on the amazing book of the same name. After nearly two hours of an amazing story, we walked out of the theater, gently dabbing our eyes with our sleeves, and we drifted on to the sidewalks of the city to find a place that served cheap drinks. Continue reading “A Wallflower in the Mulch”

The Shifts and Changes of Thoughts

Sometimes thoughts and ideas change. Sometimes they grow and shift from one way to another; and sometimes they even shift their way back again. The way we think and what we believe comes as a result of a complex construction of your environment, upbringing, experiences, and practically everything else that you come into contact with in the world. As we grow older and build new memories with the various pieces of life that make us who we are, sometimes the thoughts we gathered in order to answer complex questions evolve and modify, and that’s completely okay.

You won’t ever know every single piece of knowledge that has ever been leaked out into the world because you are not every single person on the planet. One person can never walk in everyone shoes because they are just one single person, but you can definitely try your best. Even super geniuses and the most adventurous travelers can’t see or know it all. The flow of knowledge that comes into the world never ceases, and the range of different perspectives never stops accumulating. Continue reading “The Shifts and Changes of Thoughts”

The Department Store Diaries: Day 31

Things change when the sun goes down. Serial killers break into homes, vampires wake up from their naps and department stores close while locking some of their employees inside. No joke.

When the last customer finally decides to leave the messy store, department store employees, like me, are locked inside of an empty store so that they can fold and reorganize all of the merchandise.  It’s sort of young kid’s dream come true, being able to stay inside of a department store after everyone goes home. You get to see the store as you have never seen it before, and that goes the same for the employees as well.

“Ladies, whys is yous guys not folding up the clothes?” The foreign supervisor had caught a bunch of the employees hiding in clothing racks and playing hide-and-go-seek by the fitting rooms.

“Umm, we were organizing the clothes over here.” I said as I sort of stumbled from behind a rack of ugly prom dresses on clearance.

“Well yous gus need to fold the shirts and tank tops on the tables over heres.” She started pointing to the massive pile of clothes that hundreds of customers just picked up and thrown on the ground. “Come on. Get to its!”

The small group of girls found themselves slowly sliding their feet over to the piles of clothes strewn everywhere. I picked my poison over by the tank tops and just stared blankly off into space while I robotically folded bright neon tops.

“So, did you ever get finished with that book I lent you?” A Goth looking girl was talking to one of the other girls folding a large pile of jeans.

“Uh, not yet, but I’ll get around to it.” I was suddenly snapped out of my trance. Books—did someone mention books? I turned my attention to the Goth chick I had originally perceived as mean and cold hearted. “Wait, what types of books do you normally read?” I asked the Goth girl folding the t-shirts on the floor.

That single question lead me to find out that the scary Goth-looking girl and I practically led the same life as book-loving nerds who also loved to write for the fun of it. I never would have guessed that the evil vampire who gave me the creeps was in reality the sweetest and most kind-hearted girl ever.

It’s as if you fall into another dimension when the store’s doors are locked and the lights are dimmed. Without the customers giving you great ideas for weekly blog posts you really get to know the people who you work with. It just comes to prove that sometimes it takes being held against your will to get to know someone—that—and the mention of literature.

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